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Have you signed the petition?

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From: Van Lewis <vanlewis@earthlink.net>
To: <VanLewis@MontaguNOCIRCpetition.org>
Subject: 2nd Annual Montagu Resolution Signature drive
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 22:10:23 -0500

February 3, 2004

Dear Signer of the Ashley Montagu Resolution to End the Genital Mutilation of Children Worldwide,

We are approaching the end of the Montagu Resolution Petition's second year
on the web, which is March 31, 2004. Last year, some of you will remember, we made a three month push, January through March, to get to 1,000
confirmed signatures by the end of our first year and we made it with some to spare.

We're starting the signature drive a little later this year - I'm such a nice guy I've given you January off! - but from now until March 31 we
need ALL HANDS ON DECK to break 2,000 signatures by then.

It shouldn't be hard. Today we already stand at about 1,500. If those of us presently on the list find an average of just ONE new signer each by
March 31, we'll break 3,000! Let's do it! Why not? Since there are more of us this
year than last, let's see if we can get MORE signatures in LESS time! Go get
two or four or eight, please! The more the merrier!

Signers of the Montagu Resolution are active in many ways around the world protecting children from genital mutilation. The movement is picking
up steam, and the Montagu Resolution is a growing part of that energy and power. The website is not just a place to indicate your opposition to genital mutilation. It is also an increasingly effective tool to help you in
our common human rights struggle to keep all children safe from genital harm.

For example, please make use of the Montagu Resolution website to find people in your area (or any area) who may want to help you put an end
to genital mutilation in your state or province or nation. You can search the site for signers in your (or any) area by clicking the link

"2. Website endorsers"

on the Montagu Resolution home page and then clicking the "Country" or "State/Province" that interests you in the designated space. A list of
signers residing thyere who have made their location public will appear! A wonder of the modern age! (If no other contact information is given, you can email me and let me know who you are trying to reach. I will try to contact
them if they have given me permission to do so, to let them know you want to reach them, then they can contact you if they want to.)

Many thanks for everything you do to protect children from this tragic adult mistake.

Let's get those signatures flooding in again! EVERY additional signature makes us stronger and more able to save the babies, the children and
the good future of our world.

Van Lewis


The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason to hope.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Yes, I've signed it.
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yup, both dh & I just did !
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