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Yep, me too. It was my (wicked?) stepmother. I don't recall specifically how many times, but I do distinctly recall one time when I was barely 5 years old--she scraped it on my teeth and wouldn't give me a drink. she had other forms of humiliation she liked to use as well.

Now that I have kids, I can't imagine EVER doing it! WTF???
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my mom used Lava

and I did this one time to my ds-I wish I had known so many things when I had him that I learned about when I had dd and ds#2.
That there were other things beside Ferber,cio, etc etc.. I did it at one time but thank the Goddess I learned better not too long after that...
one of our old peds even advocated this as a proper punishment
Now when other parents ask me should I do this guess what I say..
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I had this done to me by a day care when I was 4! I still remember that horrible taste. If fact all of the horrible punishments I experienced were in day cares. My sweet momma was a single mom and was so good to us - it broke her heart to have to send us to day care. I guess that's why I never leave my child in anyone else's care (besides dh and my mom). Oh the horrible memories!

(I am talking day care chains that popped up in the early 1970s - not home day cares).
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Not me. But, I had a neighbor the other day telling me how annoyed she was that it was against the law now to put soap or hotsauce in your kids mouths. Her son is 3!!!!! :
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Oh. And she wants to do this because her son calls her an idiot and stupid. Sounds like she is to me!!! lol!
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Originally posted by TinyBabyBean
Oh. And she wants to do this because her son calls her an idiot and stupid.
He probalby only calls her that because she calls him that, KWIM?? And people wonder why thier kids say such things!
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Originally posted by mamaroni
He probalby only calls her that because she calls him that, KWIM?? And people wonder why thier kids say such things!
Oh I am sure she is from the way it sounds. Or that he is hearing her or DH say that to each other. Either way he learned it from them I am sure. So sad.
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My stepfather put it in my mouth when I was 3. He never even warned me that the "f" word was bad, just made me eat soap. That was how I learned to be afraid of talking in front of him.
I learned the word from him in the first place.
When my son swears, I just remind him that it is a bad word. I need to quit swearing myself. I feel like such a hypocrite.
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With my mom it was red pepper on the tongue Water just made it worse. I will never do that to my girls!!
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I had it done to me. My mother would rub the soap into/ onto my braces, depending on whether she used a bar or liquid.
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It never happened to me, but when I was 7 my teacher did it to a boy in my class. It was horrible, she made the entire class watch.
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This never happened to me but I remember seeing the teachers doing it to other kids at my Montessori preschool.

My parents poured a pitcherfull of cold water on my face when I was lying on the floor throwing a tantrum. Not as bad as soap, I'm sure, but still... I just can't imagine doing that to my children. I can still see them looming over me and remember the shock of the cold water hitting my face. UGh.
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Originally posted by artemesia
For most of my childhood my Grandma watched us and while I don't remember having it done, it was an explicit threat. We were told that saying bad words would get us the "brown soap", an ancient bar of soap that was kept under the laundry sink in the basement. We rarely misbehaved for our grandmother though, it just didn't seem like an option.
I don't remember it ever being done to me, but I remember this threat of the ancient bar of soap coming from my mother. She may have done it to my siblings tho. It is just awful. So humiliating. I can't even imagine it being done at school by a teacher. Yikes.
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She would litterally take a bar of soap and rub it into our teeth all over out mouths and sit there for a bit to make sure we didn't spit it out...we learned early on how to not swallow and as soon as she left we'd spit and brush.
We got it with pumice soap.
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Moving this to Parenting Issues...
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I am 24. I was 5 or so I think. I don't remember what I said. But I do remember my mom lathering up the bar of soap and sticking it in my mouth. Then she set a timer and I had to sit there One time she got a tooth brush and scrub the bar of soap and then my mouth. Yuck yuck yuck!

I would never dream of doing that to my kids.
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I was 7 years old, and I asked my mom what the f word meant. I actually said the word when asking. Next thing I remember was my mom holding me down on the bathroom floor and putting a bar of white soap in my mouth, complete with the scraping of the teeth.
I didn't know what I did wrong either, I just remember being scared and bewildered.

Never in a bazillion years would I degrade or hurt my children like that.

I cuss like a sailor now...yep, in front of my mom. No f word though!
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but man.. you cant say you would definetly never do this??? thats just disturbing
Hey Nikki Christina,

I don't think I deserve the attitude for admitting to having a thought. Like I said before, I'm sorry so many people had such violent experiences with this. Based on my own experience I don't think it is necessarily always so abusive. I also didn't say I thought it was a good idea.
Having thought police like you on the boards could really inhibit the level of honesty in the posts, and where would that get anyone?
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Never had this done to me. Nor was it done to my siblings although my sister was threatened once to be popped in the mouth for back talk.

I find that to be more common.

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Oh my goodness, this thread is just so sad and disturbing!!!

Big hugs to all you mamas who experienced this. No one should ever be treated that way, and especially not by their parents! I'm nearly in tears reading about these memories.

And even bigger hugs for treating your own kids with the respect and gentleness that every child deserves! (especially when that same kindness was not extended to you)

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