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Best Christmas gifts/ toys

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I need input on toys/ gifts for all ages of kids- I would LOVE your suggestions!
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Fruit stained wood toys I love them

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I'm getting Uglydolls for my nephew, and maybe my kids too.


I like anything that gets them to read, and most kids I know are thrilled with anything collectible.
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DD has this recycled plastic tea set
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Plan Dollhouse - we ask family members to buy "rooms" instead of all different gifts so the dollhouse, furnished becomes one big gifts with little parts to open. Going on 2 years now adding to the dollhouse.
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I was just ogling the Rainbow Resource Center's holiday catalog. They have tons of puzzles, board games, coloring books, etc.
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Our green contributions tend to be reusing things and/or buying used, so not all my suggestions will fit the 'green' category. However, these are all really good open-ended toys.

Playmobil sets. Dd's playmobil doll house is a favorite toy with all the kids who come over (ages 5-9 ish).

Realistic or real dress-up items/props. One simple item is a lanyard with an "ID" on it. Lanyards/IDs turn out to be crucial props for playing school, hotel or any other role playing game where the figures might wear an ID. If you add a whistle, you're a teacher. Keys, and you're a security guard. (You can use old keys or go to the hardware store and ask for blanks that they miskeyed.) Real uniforms, real IDs, real work tools are a big hit.

Small white boards with markers -- again, this is the kind of open ended toy that can be used for many different things - from 'teaching' to announcing sales at your shop.

Play kitchen - still used at our house for kids ranging from 3-8. Toy food helps too.

Tree swing -- hands down the most favorite outdoor toy we have. Even the big kids come to play on it!

Board games of all sorts - Kids on Stage is my favorite for kids 4-6. Cranium Cadoo is ds' current favorite (he's 8).

This catapult is a really cool toy and has been used to catapult an amazing array of things.

Dd is starting to outgrow it, but this doll stroller from Nova Natural is great. Sturdy, rolls well and fun.

A shopping cart is another good toy that kids love. Again, it's amazing what they use it for.
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The Rainbow People Mover doesn't look like much, but I can't tell you how popular it has been with my kids and with their friends who come to visit.


I bought it for my son when he turned one. When it first came in the mail, I remember thinking that it didn't look like much of a toy for $30. We've had it for 2 years now, and the kids are still crazy about it - definitely worth the money!
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Dominoes are the latest big hit at my house - ours are not especially green but I bet there's a beautiful set out there somewhere. You can make domino runs or play or build with them.
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We got this for DD's birthday:


She just loves it and I can see it being something that will be played with my multiple children.
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I guess I should qualify this .. I mean not electronic or needing batteries... it is a gifts to buy insert. thank you all for your great resources!
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Most of the things my dd loves to play with are not toys per se but rather things like fabrics, beads, rocks, shells, etc. Most of her other toys are homemade.

However, we did buy her a beautiful Waldorf style doll for Christmas. I got it from Maineartisen on Etsy.

Here is the link to the doll we had made: http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction...on_id=13039132

Here are more dolls by the same:
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