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noooooo a hemorrhoid

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i have avoided these this entire time and i get up this morning... lo' and behold a hemorrhoid. out of all times for one to appear it happens now!
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You know, before I got pregnant I used to think this was one of the worst things that could ever happen. I was just thinking the other day how it's just kind of a drop in the bucket. But I think I'll be more vocal with my Kate when she's a teenager about just what I went through to bring her into this world.
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witch hazel will shrivel it right up.

I managed to avoid them this time around, but with my first.... oh man, it was bad. really bad. *shudder* You have my sympathies!
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I still have an internal prolapsed from my first pregnancy. I named him Henry and he appears with EVERY bowel movement (or gentle rectal push). I have to manually put him back where he belongs. TMI I know but I've become friends with him -- it's easier than the alternative. That being said, I also have a small cluster of grapes around the perineum. I don't know why (other than pressure) since I haven't been constipated ever and I never strain.

Luck? I never had Henry removed b/c it requires surgery and the dr said I'd most likely get another one with my next pregnancy. I don't even think about it when I do it; I've had Henry since Feb07. Anal fissures, on the other hand, are NO FUN! Bowel movements were worse than labor!
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OK, since I couldn't make myself post about this in my own thread, I have a question for those who have had hemorrhoids!
I have one, I guess, and it doesn't really hurt unless I have a BM, but it is bleeding a lot! Since Sat., every time I go to the bathroom there is blood (it's definitely not vaginal) and when I have a bowel movement, forget it, a LOT of blood.

I am past my "due date" and what I read is that it is common in late pregnancy to get one but I worry about how much blood. There are even a few tiny clots. Is this normal? I hate to call my dr office and leave this message.

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I wanted to direct you to an earlier thread, wherein we met Henry for the first time and I was schooled on some of the differences in anal discomforts: http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1145628. I have come to realize that I indeed do have fissures, and probably not hemorrhoids. Which is good because spellling hemorrhoids is hard, but bad because it really, truly does hurt. Bad sometimes. I'm happy to hear that M2H has found it worse than labor. Perhaps I will be okay with all the practice I've gotten birthing my BMs lately.

Anyhoo, HTH. From the amount of blood, I would think maybe you have fissures, M2M?
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THANK YOU vegasgrl!!! I missed that thread and have been kind of freaking out a bit.
How are you doing now? Did you ask about it at the dr?
I know I had a hemorrhoid with DD but it hurt all the time and never had bleeding, then it was gone forever.
So maybe it is this fissure thing.

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i have one right now it HURTS! i want to pull it off!
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how do u um apply witch hasle to them?
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you can buy Tucks pads (which are nice after the birth, too!) and gently pat them. Or you can put the witch hazel on a cotton ball or face pad and pat the area. Very soothing!

And messier but also very soothing is applying some A & D ointment to the area.
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Mine come and go. It's been fine for a few weeks, but every now and again they open again. I told my midwife and she gave me the "Ouch that sucks I'm so sorry" look but wasn't interested in checking them out or anything. She recommended more fiber for looser stools. It's weird, now that I know what they are they don't hurt as bad if that makes sense. Like it's not scary, just a pain in the, um, well...
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You know what's weird? I've had no pain at all today and yesterday, just bleeding. I have an appt tomorrow so I'll ask then too.

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