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Prenatal Appt Today...

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Lordy, I weighed 171. I did it. I broke 170. I can't believe it. *sigh*

Iron levels were fabulous, I was pleased to report to my hubby, who is convinced all my ice chewing is a sign of weak blood. Nope. It was picture perfect, thankyouverymuch.

My blood pressure was up, though, which is very unlike me. I'm typically around 110-115/60, and today it was 130/90. Bleah!! MW took it again at the end and it was 126.

Baby is not engaged in the pelvis. But ok. I declined a "check" (had one last week) because I don't want to hear "one fingertip" and feel miserable about it or hear "3 cm!" and think that today is the day.

I had to make my next appointment for Friday, the thirteenth.

And now I get to convince myself not to obsess over my blood pressure.

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I already decided I won't step on the scale at my next appointment, because I have I feeling I'll be breaking 240 (feel better?) 170 for me is skiiiiiny!!!

Way to go on the iron!

And that blood pressure is not bad. Do you ever check at the grocery store or the drug store? I check every time I go shopping! Yep, I had blood pressure issues last pregnancy. This time I've stuck around 120/75 most of the time, but sometimes I'm 135/85, but I don't stress. The funny thing is, I can tell when it is going to be higher. On sunday I did a lot of housework, so I knew yesterday it would be higher. And it was! Also, if I am too warm, my bp will be up.

Maybe check the next time you're in a store with a bp-monitor and you can be reassured that it's all fine. With my dd I was around 130/90 for most of the last 2 months, including going 2 weeks postdates, and everything was fine. Whoops, a little novel there about blood pressure.
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Woohoo on your iron!

And I totally agree about the BP. It's not a big deal unless it is consistently high and doesn't have periods of coming down. Plus, a lot of women report that their BP goes up a bit right before they go into labor. So maybe you are close!
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my bp was up yesterday too i say its stress of my life right now
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I started this pregnancy at 182. About 10 years ago I lost a ton of weight, and had vowed to never get over 200 lbs again. The 182 was making me cranky, so I had decided 2009 was the year to get skinny again. Then I POAS...

Anyhoo, I hovered at 199 lbs for like 10 weeks, three separate appointments. My midwives were like . And then last week I weighed in at a whopping 206. It was like my body was finally like "Ummmmm, we're growing a baby. Sorry 'bout your luck." Anyhoo, I feel you on the "OMG I TOPPED x lbs!"

We're almost there, mama. Fear not!
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I went up to a drugstore last night and re-checked the bp. It was a bit closer to my normal, and only slightly elevated, so that made me feel better.

What didn't make me feel better was to wake up this morning and still be pregnant.

This means I have to go to work. Do I feel like going to work? No. I do not. I feel like closing the shades and turning off all the lights and going back to bed for at least 4 hours.

And I'm going to toss both our cats outside if they get into any more shenanigans. One had a hair ball (ewwwwww) and one got her mangy furry butt in the baby basinette.

It's not even 9am yet! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
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Daffodil - I felt exactly the same way! I have had light contractions all yesterday evening that actually persisted to this morning (1st time that's happened) and didn't want to come to work . . .but if it's not the real thing, then I might as well be here.

I've got the arm's reach co-sleeper and there's an optional cat-tent, and that has worked really well thus far. it it possible to find something similiar for your bassinet? If not, my DH says packing tape (sticky side up) tends to work also to keep cats out, as they don't like getting stuck. (won't work after the baby is born, but might deter them in the meantime.
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Yeah, that point was 200 for me (I'm normally about 160-165). And that was 10lbs ago! I'm gonna catch up to my (6 inches taller) husband soon. Ack!

My BP went up at about 33 weeks and we've brought it down with skullcap tea, Michael's Blood Pressure Factors, and cutting back at work. Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing year also says that 2tsp cream of tartar + the juice of half a lemon + 1/2 cup water can be used for BP too (3 days on 2 days off) and that seemed to help me before I decided to skip that in favor of the Michael's (pill form vs drinking that lemon concoction)

ETA: Also did a liver panel to confirm the midwife's and my feeling that my BP going up was just about stress, not from being sick.
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