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Oh my God ladies! So nice to hear back from you all.

We are doing fine (I guess, going nuts taking care of an almost 2 yo, but its normal, right?).

I am pregnant with #2 due at the very end of April. I still cannot believe it! It was a big surprise. Yes, we wanted it, but still, didn't expect to happen so soon. It makes me super stressed, cause I am barely managing to take care of one. I cannot imagine how will I be able to take care of two.

Hugs to you all!

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ohhhhhhhhhh here's where you all are. HI!!! and congrats preggos!

sihaya, i totally missed your announcement on FB about your loss, and i just posted there now - but i am so sorry to hear about baby pearl. and healing vibes to you, mama.

jen, glad that everything checked out okay!

as for us things have been really crazy but are calming down. can't even remember the last time i said hi to you all... so at the end of july i started having ridiculous back pain. i've had back issues for 14 years and was hoping that the worst of it might be behind me, but i knew i had a bulging disc and was worried i'd need surgery to really heal. in august things started looking better, but while on our anniversary vacation i ruptured the disc (cooking dinner for the first time in weeks is what did it), went to the ER, was admitted and stayed for a few days, and had surgery. two days ago, i graduated from my spine rehab program, and i'm feeling so much better! i can't believe that 3 months ago i could hardly walk without crying and needed a walker. this happened to me last year (minus surgery), so i'm trying AGAIN to rebuild life and get back to normal, make sure i can take care of myself and DD and really live life the way i want to again.

DH and i had started TTC early this year, late feb/early march, hoping for a 2-2.5 year age difference. once my back got bad we ended up taking 2 months off, and now we're on month 2 of post-surgical "not trying/not preventing" (mostly for DH's sake mentally - i most certainly am trying, i'll tell you that right now ). i'm very relieved that i didn't get pregnant earlier this year because then i wouldn't have been able to take the meds i needed, and i probably would have been on bedrest the ENTIRE TIME so as not to rupture the disc, and i likely wouldn't have had my MRI or x-rays or surgery. so i'm very, very thankful that we got my one huge health issue squared away before getting pregnant - i'd like to be able to take care of my kids, thanks! now that things are calming down, i'm hoping that baby #2 decides to find its way to us soon! if we can have a fall 2010 baby, i will be overjoyed, but we'll see what happens.

DD is doing great... she will be 2 on 12/10. her bday gift is a partially furnished dollhouse by plan toys, and her december holiday gift is a multiracial doll family set - which was freaking HARD to find. no problem finding an all-white or all-black or all-whatever-else family, but i could not find a family where mom, dad, and kids are different colors and special-ordered one. yay for the internet. she talks so much, in such awesome sentences. (earlier today while we were trying to calm her down from a tantrum, she took a deep hiccuping breath and said "i would like to drink mommy milkies, please" - WTF IS HAPPENING TO MY BABY?) she's always been super verbal and the amount of words spilling from her is ridiculous. i noticed today that her artwork is changing too - we've gone from scribbles and lines to circles with dots in them that she says are fish or cats or different animals. she is just such a joy with so much personality, and i can't believe that 2 years ago she was in my belly wiggling back and forth creating a "butt-shelf" that i would rest my ice cream on.

in crappy news, she has a really bad cold and is un-nightweaning from it. nightweaning was really difficult for us - we had been working on it, then i ended up going to the hospital for several days and she co-slept w/my mom. she was doing beautifuilly for a while, usually not waking up to nurse until 5 am and sometimes holding out until 6 (bliss!), but now that she's ill we're back to waking and nursing a few times a night. i feel bad not giving it to her as i want her to have increased fluids and especially breastmilk while she's sick, but i'd really like to NOT get back into the habit of night nursing after that was finally done. anyone experience a setback with nightweaning due to illness or molars and have a story about getting back on the wagon?

anyway i'm so glad that a new thread started; i came to this forum to see where you all were!

p.s., for those of you who missed my name change, it is i, Mme. Muffin
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Hello mamas! So many new babies - how awesome I bet our two year olds seem like such big kids with a newborn around! We are trying, but so far no luck. Every month I'm a little disappointed, but I'm thankful to have that much more time with just ds I do want to tandem nurse, and I'm terrified of what pregnancy will do to our bf'ing relationship.

I think I see most of you on FB - I love seeing all of the pics of your little ones. Feel free to check out the pics and stories posted on my blog (right click on my username then click on my "homepage").

Jen - so happy for you!!

sihaya I'm sorry for your loss

starry_mama that sounds like my ds too. He loves, loves, loves his "mama milk," it is definitely a big part of our lives. The other day we had music on and I asked if he wanted to dance. He said "No NeeNee dance, mama milk dance!" Oh, child.
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So I the last few days Cyrus has made me nurse his teddy bear, his stuffed dog, his toy airplane, and he's tried to make me nurse the neighbor's cat and myself. Seriously. He tries to shove my boob in my mouth while insisting "mama nurse!" Thanks, kid. I'm tryin' to cut back.
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last night dh was trying to put viano to bed, and i kept hearing her saying (yelling) "boobies in bed. Boobies In Bed. Boobies In Bed! BOOBIES IN BED! BOOOOOOBIES IN BEEEDDDDDDDD! Boobies. In. Bed. BOOBIES! IN! BED!" it was funny, like what? you want....boobies in bed, vi? i can't tell?
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Yay! It's so nice to hear from everyone! I see many of you of FB, so I've forgotten about coming over here :. I can't get into the ddc here or over at DS... it's just not the same. I am 19 weeks now and pretty worried about, well, everything.
Dante is doing great. He's a bookworm, abc and number-aholic and isn't really talking. Thank goodness he signs, it would be very stressful.
We are having his birthday party very early, next Sunday. He's super into birthdays (thanks Happy Birthday Signing Time episode) so I tried to find somewhere fun to have his party- all those places are crazy expensive!!! I couldn't believe it. So, we are having it at our house and a farm is bringing some animals over (a little petting zoo type thing) he loves him some goats and chickens so it should be fun.
Except he and I are both quite sick and my house is a disaster and I need to fix SO MANY THINGS before Sunday. Sigh.
I miss you ladies. I truly, rather desperately wish we were all in the same ddc again (well, those who want to be!) I feel lonely this pregnancy.

: Sihaya
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Oh I miss you all.
Liam's almost two (nov. 29th) and my terror and snuggler all wrapped up into one wiry and lanky toddler body. We're potty learning and its going well but not great. He's consistently peeing on the potty and has pooped a couple of times but only if naked. He prefers his diapers of course (sigh). He's also obsessed with Signing Time dvds which has made communicating much easier recently. He's not talking much but likes to scream MaMAMAMAMAMAMA while tapping my shoulder. All. OF. The. Time. He also likes to destroy things, throw things and yell. It'll get better soon, right?
He's still going through a lot of medical testing. We took him off dairy which seemed to stop the constant barfing but still has lots of other things going on. There's testing going on right now for celiac disease but he's so tall and active! Who knows really.
My gf/fiancee and I broke up. I was really unhappy with some of her lifestyle choices and so the kids and I are living with some friends right now. I'm contemplating moving back to Indianapolis. I love Oregon but I have so much support in Indy.
I'm dating a guy right now. Wierd huh? He's a good guy and it's nice to have someone to snuggle with. Nothing long term, he leaves for a 6 month long backpacking trip in January. On that note, just started birth control for the first time in YEARS. I'm on the progesterone only pill and not minding it so much but I'm looking into the copper IUD.
Sihaya, I'm so sorry
I miss you all.
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yet another statement I never thought I'd hear myself making before I had a two year old boy:
"Please don't stick your money up your butt." apparently he thought his butthole a good hiding place for some spare change I'd let him have. Except it got stuck up there and next thing I know he's stripped his pants completely off and is earnestly mooning me in an effort to convince me to dig it out.

So those of you who are having to dig beans out of your child's nose, don't come complaining to me.
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Originally Posted by waiting2bemommy View Post
yet another statement I never thought I'd hear myself making before I had a two year old boy:
"Please don't stick your money up your butt." apparently he thought his butthole a good hiding place for some spare change I'd let him have. Except it got stuck up there and next thing I know he's stripped his pants completely off and is earnestly mooning me in an effort to convince me to dig it out.

So those of you who are having to dig beans out of your child's nose, don't come complaining to me.
That is the most hilarious thing I've ever heard.
Cyrus just asked me to nurse the sprinkler head.
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oh my word.

also i will be lonely not being pregnant with anyone. maybe mahnamahna and i will rock a DDC together. anyone else TTC?

i have a total boob addict too! i wish she would cut down. i'm trying to scale her back a bit. i don't feel the need to wean, but i would like this nursing all day and night thing to end please! anyone else nursing a LOT right now? please tell me it's normal for this age and will go away, soon. i'm really not a fan. daddy's doing bedtime tonight and will start co-sleeping with her without me, so let's see how this works. it worked well before and she nightweaned, but now she's back at nursing like 8 times a night and i'm going to run away to the circus if this keeps up.

nikki, i'm sorry to hear about your breakup, but i'm glad you're having fun with new guy, and i hope your move situation gets sorted out without too much stress!
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DD 2, Mary, was born at 7am on the 17th, after a short 5 hour labor and 10 minutes of pushing (our second all-natural hospital birth!). I can't believe we have two kids!
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Congrats HappyFox!!! Welcome earthside baby girl! :

We are celebrating Jon's b-day today he'll be 2 in 3 days *sniff* How has time gone by so fast?? I've got a get into the fridge all the time kid here as well. What is it with them?? He's pretty much weaned he goes about 4 nights or so and then will ask for it and being the push over momma I am I give in. But it's starting to wear on me, so I'm assuming that it will be over for good soon. 2 years is pretty dang good!!

I'm in the totally yucky part of pregnancy #4, I'm about 10 weeks or so, not sure on exact dates, I've got an u/s tomorrow. I'm also dealing with a weird rash on my face and neck and I swear everytime I puke (numerous times a day) it gets redder. So yeah I'm sure I'll be looking pretty hot in my holiday photos!! Oh well.

Sihaya I'm sorry and Jen sounds like a great catch of a new guy and glad to hear your in the clear on everything cervix/ovary wise! Nikki isn't Oregon grand! Glad you go a new fun guy to hang out with for a bit.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!
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wow, congrats happyfox!! your little mary was born on nikita's 2nd bday

we had her birthday party on friday and it was a hit! my close friend is a pastry chef who makes ridiculously amazing fondant cakes...we got a shark splashing out the top with a big 3D head made of decorated rice krispie treat and the tail waving out the side. nicky is mad for sharks, btw. add like five bottles of wine and everybody had a blast.
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Hi everyone! I love seeing all the familiar screen names.

E is great. She turns 2 on 12/27 and is every bit a two already. She pl'd herself back in August - a total surprise for DH and I! She loves books and blocks and anything animal related. No baby #2 attempts for us, yet. E is very spirited and precocious and keeps us on our toes. We are still bfing with no end in sight, although she is requesting it less and less.

She had her first taste of cookie last week - pumpkin raisin sweetened with agave nectar which we made together - and now thanks to some of her storybooks, she is making HUGE PLANS for a birthday party with cake, ice cream, and balloons. I guess we have some more baking to do in the near future.

Lets keep this thread active!

eta: Congratulations happyfox!!!
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Hi Dec 07 DDC mamas! Are you guys around here someplace? Has there been another thread posted since this one? I don't see it, so I'm reviving this one. It would be so fun to catch up!

How are all our smart little 2.5 yr olds? Pictures anyone?? I'd love to see some! I did finally join the ranks on Facebook, is there some Dec07 group still happening over there? Who's had babies since our Dec07 babes??

My adorable little blondie Dec07 boy is doing great. He's always been so healthy & so mellow. He has yet to do any business in the potty/toilet at all. He's never even accidentally gone once in the potty! He's still nursing just one time each morning. He's still big. He was my giant newborn- 10lbs 6oz, and has remained just one big kid. I have a 9 month old who was born the same weight as my other 2 boys exactly- 8lbs 13 oz. I'll never know why my Dec07 baby was such a ginormo-baby!

Here are a few recent pictures of him from my blog:
Blondie & sandwich


"I'm a grumpy 2 yr old" on the far left here, with his brothers.

Ok, c'mon guys, I want to hear some updates from my long lost Dec07 DDC mamas!! What are you all up to?

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Since I last posted in this thread, we got pregnant again in January and had another miscarriage at 9 weeks in March. It was physically harder than the first one and took longer to resolve. I had a few tests done (but not the repeat pregnancy loss panel because my insurance won't cover it yet) and we started TTC again in May. The third cycle was the charm and I am 5 weeks pg today, due in April, and absolutely terrified of another loss.

As for my '07 DS, he's a pill! Growing like a weed, so imaginative, and his language has just exploded in the past month. He's been doing well on the potty since spring, as long as he is bare-butt. I just got some used cloth trainers to start working on when we are out and about or have people over. I really would like him dry during the day with clothes on around the time he turns 3, but definitely before another baby arrives.

Here's a pic from our camping trip two weeks ago:
He loved camping for the first time and I can't wait to take him again.

Thanks for bumping this thread, Aubrey. I am excited to see how the other Dec '07 mamas are doing.
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Sihaya-so sorry about your miscarriages. That sounds awful.

Reyes is doing well. Turning into a real little boy, outgrowing toddlerness. He is officially using the potty-and it looks like he is starting Montessori school this September.

He is an active little guy. Loves to go swimming, and recently decided he really wanted a baseball bat at the store. He loves to "play baseball". I am enrolling him in a tot sports class through our park district.

It was good to see this thread. I haven't been on the site in a while-and didn't realize how much I missed it!

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