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It's November you turkeys! - ABQ chat thread

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My favorite time - ahhhh turkey.

anyhow - i dont remember if i told yall but Big C also came up vit d deficient so i found a liquid supplement at costco that doesnt taste too weird that i am now giving to her and little c
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Ya know, I read an article last week talking about how an astonishing large amount of kids in the US are deficient in vitamin D. I don't remember the percentage, but it was a lot! And of course, now there's additional research into trying to find out why, despite milk being fortified with it, etc.
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and the thing is i rarely use sunscreen on the kids - i use it for swimming or a full day park day - that is it. So for them to be low says something.
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But you are low too right? I wonder if something like that runs in the family?
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Hope you all had a great weekend and fun ToTing! We went to Old Town, like we do every year, and H had a great time. We were supposed to go to the Muertos y Marigolds parade sunday and dh was going to ride one of his bikes in the parade, but we were all just too wiped to get out of the house.

asf - I have been thinking of getting my levels checked. Do they just do the vitamin levels you ask for, or are there several checked for at once? And do they have to draw much blood from the kiddos if you want to check their levels?
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Peace, they'll test you for whatever you want, but I always go for a lot at the same time if they're going to stick you anyway. Vit D, calcium, iron and potassium are all good to have checked periodically. As for how much blood they take, I know for me, it's around 2-4 vials for the above but I'm not sure how much it is from kids since I haven't had them tested.

ASF, thanks for the reminder that I want to check the kids for a couple of things and I need to be checked soon too, esp for iron.

Also, just an FYI, we'll be starting up S2's vaccinations again (we're selective/delayed) and will be getting MMR. Anyone want to come hang out with us in the hopes that something will shed? (I'm thinking ASF had said she wanted to, so I thought I'd put it out there.)
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peace - dd was tested for iron and d and it was just one vial. I had a ton done and it was a ton of vials.

emans - they arent sure of a genetic component but everything i researched when mine came up said that sooo many kids are deficient in it. Baby c is mildly iron deficient so he is on both floridix and the D and C only came up D def.

emans - i would totally like to chill with kids who have gotten the mmr - i have no idea how long the shed is for or anything
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Count us in elmh!

Here is a little article on vaccine shedding. For MMR it can be up to 2-4 weeks afterward:

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So, what do you all know about Carrie Tingley OT department??
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I know nothing about it. Who wants to send you there?
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I havent dealt with them either
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I heard they are pretty good, but this was for a kid who had been inpatient for the better part of a year. No idea how they are for the services you need.
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Kaufman. Or at least the person who was making the referral phone call. I heard vaguely that they were OK, but not spectacular, but we will see. I guess that depends on if we get a diagnosis even.
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E spend a good deal of time over at Carrie Tingley, but not for OT, so I'm not sure our experience would be relevant. Anyway the dr was amazing, however we would wait 2-3 hours after our appt time. The place was super depressing, but like I said I don't think our experience is relevant.
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Do you know if it hurts to take extra vit D if you haven't had your levels checked? I was thinking about it anyway b/c of how it's supposed to help with the cold and flu season.
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i thought it had to be a large amount to be toxic. Dr K is having me just give baby C extra d since both Big C and I are low in D.


I scanned this - it might help
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I am ordering more finger puppets - i am getting some for classmates and to use as fundraisers at C's school. Let me know if you want me to earmark some for you.

Also, her school is doing a koru fundraiser and they have the "toxic stuff" free peel off nail polish. I dont remember if it was one of yall that was wanting some or not.
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ASF, can you pm a link to the website you get them from? I want to see what's available
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elm - it will just be a random assortment of them - they dont specify so it could be any animals/fish/insects. But, i am ordering a ton so there should be an awesome variety. In my small order last time i had a whole set of jungle animals, farm animals, insects and sea creatures.
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I (my mom) might want birds (what is right smilie here).

Hey what about maybe Art Attack for the next MNO? I don't know if it would work or how much it would be but it's different than food, just a random idea.
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