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I'm cool without the cups and saucers. I already have a big collection of those You know, I'll take the spice rack too - I can use it for craft stuff or for the kids kitchen. I am always envious when others get rid of stuff. We are in the same quandary too but we are also thinking of a storage unit or something since we have some stuff we would like to keep for when we have property and can move there. It is an endless talk around here.
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Going crazy.....

Be back later.
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Ekkk what happened Blue

Wait are you guys telling me spices don't live forever? Should I throw out the ones we bought before we moved here? I parted with the wedding ones but now I should get rid of the moving ones too?
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Eman. I'll use my spices until the jar is empty. That stuff is expensive and there is no way I'm going to buy a new jar of ground sage every time I want to make meatloaf (which works out to be 1-2 times a year.)

Blue, you ok?
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Well, these spices were a wedding gift, which was actually a regift. So we're talking about at least 10 years here. It's not that the spices are bad or anything, just that they have lost all their flavor. The popular ones are used up but there are some that I just never use so they've gotten old. I keep the "real" spices in my cabinet and although many of those are years old, they still taste ok. If you're really interested in decade-old spices that have no flavor, I can baggie them up for you
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Blue had posted that her post wasnt showing and then i guess it did show because she edited to say she was going crazy.

I am such a freak about expiry dates that i will even replace spices if they are a bit over. BUT, i try to only keep spices i really use so that rarely happens.
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I'm OK enough. Just was losing my mind earlier and then had a crappy rest of the day. I'm hoping my birthday (tomorrow) will be better
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I hope tomorrow is a happy birthday!!
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Happy Birthday!
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happy bday!
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Happy Birthday Blue
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Happy Birthday, Blue!

We got back last night from visiting family for Thanksgiving. A two day drive each way. I'm so tired and worn out!

Hope everybody had a nice holiday!
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Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!

Had a pretty good day. The craziness was at a minimum , Aunt Flo came to visit (Boo!) and DS took me by the hand, led me to the big toilet, and then proceeded to pee for the first time in the toilet!!!!! And it is a beautiful full moon outside.
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Glad you had a good day, was that the first PP AF?

So does any know of any brands of girls undies that are high cut. I need to find a kind R can wear under leotards without messing with them. Everything I've found has been low, and I don't want to buy the offical ones.
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I know at some point S1 had some high cut ones, but I don't know the brand. I buy all her stuff at Target though so go check around there. Good luck!
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I second the Target recommendation. Last time I was there, they had packs of each of the different kinds of cuts for little girls.

It's snowing.
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The bikini cuts at Target don't work, they sit too low on the hips. She has a gymboree pair that works but they aren't all that cheap.

It's snowing here too, barely but still.
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My windows are frosty. I'm hoping they don't all need to be replaced!

I could have sworn they had bikini, briefs, and high cuts when we were last there a couple months ago. I hope you can find an affordable option somewhere!!
We went up a size for each girl but then had to return to go back down a size for Ana. Her belly isn't so big anymore so there's nothing to hold them up! lol
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I found some at Marshalls, they are Calvin Klein 3 for 5 dollars, so not as cheap as Target but way better than the alternative, she now has fancier undies than I do. She was so happy I guess it is the little things in life

My windows are great Rach, however I'd take a little frost and not the huge window replacement bill.

So today I am at home doing nothing except waiting for Lowes to deliver a new washing machine. So if you are keeping track, the tub leak took out two walls of drywall and the cabinet/sink combo along with the top layer of flooringing in the laundry room and part of the hall. Then on Tuesday the washer died a fast death. So in other words the install guys have plenty of room to work. I've decided to be greatful for our health and our Amex card, and not worry about the rest.
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Calvin Kleins!! Fancier than mine too! LOL That sounds like a good deal though.

And OMG.

Your poor house!!
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