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elmh - I second what emans said about dealing with MILs. I have to do this with most of dh's family.
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Yeah, crazy family members are a pain to deal with.

Speaking of crazy, the kids (especially C) were totally bonkers and manic yesterday. The only thing different was the oatmeal we had for breakfast, which the kids demolished Since we don't do much in the way of grains anymore, that is my best guess for the absolutely manic crazy behavior. Of course they wanted oatmeal for breakfast again....can you guess what we had?

Is anyone getting together today?
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I don't think so, or if so I can't do it. I'm in parent teacher confrences today.
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no plans for today. All kids were crazy yesterday - i think it was the icky weather.
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We can't today. My kids were nuts yesterday and esp. last night. It was really bad here for awhile so I put them in their room to "read books" at 7pm (bedtime is normally 8.) I just couldn't deal with it anymore.
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Man, I wish I could put C in her room, but she just runs out screaming and following me around. And i'm not going to lock her in, which is the only other alternative.

Another morning of meltdowns for her. I hate waking up this way. We finally got an OT appt for her, but not until December. Sigh. At least MIL visiting this week will allow us to get some things saccomplished! We are building a new fence to go with the new gate we have been working on. It is looking SWEET!
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I'm sorry you two had such a rough morning.
I am jealous of your handy home improvement skills! We need to fix the retaining wall of the planter box and well, yea, that project is no where near started.
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Blue, glad you at least have an appt. And really, December isn't to far away.

So S2 has a weird rash on his chest. Not sure what it is but I won't be getting him the MMR tomorrow as a result. I'm still going to take him in to see what it is and to discuss the vax issue further with my doc but no shots tomorrow.
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Blue December is actually pretty fast.

Elm, something with the dry weather maybe?
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Eman, according to the doctor this morning, it's a viral rash, which doesn't help much, lol. I wouldn't have taken him in except we already had the appt. He fell asleep about 2 hours ago and is still out so he's obviously got more than just a cold.
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Viral rash, gee that is helpful. But I know what you mean about having the appt already so you might as well go in and talk. This way he's also seen it already in case it gets worse.
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Yup, plus we talked about vaccines and what they recommend for him. I was really suprised that they didn't think Hib would be all that beneficial for him. Really he said the only thing he'd recommend right now is MMR. I love our doctor!
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elmh - maybe it is the measles. It is a viral rash after all...
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posted at the old other place - total vent/rant
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She wasn't very helpful, asf. Obviously she missed a few things

Does anyone shop Backcountry.com? I have a couple of invite codes to their new site (right now you get a freebie with every order over $50 and 1 in 10 orders is free). Let me know and I will pm them to you. They have been going awful fast!
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i am guessing she was not top of her medical class
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Well, you know what they call "C"-grade medical students, right? "Doctor"
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Well I would hope she wasn't at the top of her class to miss something like that!
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so a patient comes in and says not using bc, but has fertility issues and has been pregnant 3 times in 5 years. Says period is due TODAY. During the exam you think she would notice the cervix at least. There is a big difference between an about to start the period cervix and a pregnant cervix. Sheesh! I want to call her and ask for an hcg blood draw added to the other "older adult" tests she ordered
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Okay so its the 21st and I am just getting here this month. I am up with a girl with puking and green frothing diarrhea :Puke:Puke
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