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i had my vbac! little izzy bella baby is here

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hey everyone!! on October 30th i successfully had my vbac that i had been hoping for. it was so so amazing and exceeded all expectations.
Isabella Strawberry Claire @ 7lbs 1oz
my midwife was on which was so so so perfect. i labored for a while at home in the tub and around the apt. around 4am we went into the hospital, i was at 5cm. dh and i walked around the halls a ton, then tried to get some rest in between contractions--which actually was possible i was amazed. threw up a few times, spent most of the labor until transition in the shower which was i think what got me through, dh would center the hot water on my back during a ctx. i wish the hospital had a tub!
i think preparing for my vbac, i did a lot of thinking about my self and my body, i don't think i really thought about dh's role specifically. i knew he'd be there but we didn't really do a lot of prep together on it. so i don't know what i thought he was going to be like as a partner, but i was so so elated. he was spot on. i couldn't have asked for anything more. and it was amazing to go through it together, and now have some time together where he is home, ds is at school, and we can just be together with the new baby. i'm in love with my family right now
i think the hardest part was the actual pushing, i just couldn't quite grasp it for like an hour. i pushed a bit on the toilet which helped but i think i was just so spent at the 20 hr mark with little sleep, but the staff was very patient and encouraging.
you would have thought that no one at the hospital ever did natural births, everyone was so encouraging and afterwards giving positive feedback about it. even my midwife was like thank you for showing the hospital that vbac can be safe and drug free and totally doable and powerful, and for reminding us midwives of this natural experience too. it was really sweet and remarkable to hear her say that.
anyways, just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being a supportive group of mamas. it really motivated me throughout my pregnancy and therefore throughout the birth of izzy!!
xoxo molly
heres some pics[/URL]
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Congratulations on your VBAC!!! Yay for your dh being awesome! And all the wonderful support staff!

I love the picture of your little shark kissing your newborn. Aww!!!
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I'm thrilled for you all! Congratulations. I can't view the pictures yet - have to wait until I'm out of the Firewall zone. Take care!
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Congratulations! Your birth experience sounds wonderful! She is so sweet.
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Wonderful story, I'm SO happy for you!
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! It sounds like it went so well. Yay! Welcome baby!
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I'm so happy and proud for you!!
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Congratulations on your beautiful daughter and on your vbac!!! How exciting!
Thanks for sharing the pics so soon. She is just precious! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Lovely, lovely baby Way to go, VBAC Momma! Sounds like you and your DH made a great team, too. Happy Family Mooning
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Congratulations on your new baby, and congratulations on PUSHING HER OUT! Enjoy the bliss, mama.
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Congrats Mama on your VBAC and beautiful baby!
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Congratulations on your VBAC!! The pictures are so sweet!
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So happy that you got to experience a VBAC! It is amazing isn't it!!

She is beautiful! Congrats!
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Yay!!!!! Congrats!!!!! Way to go, VBAC momma!
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What a beautiful family mama! And you were such an inspiration to so many at the hospital...that's so cool! Happy babymoon!
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