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Autism and RH neg (rhogham)

Poll Results: RH negative and autism

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 9% (4)
    RH neg mom; rh shot during pg (2002 or before); autistic child
  • 9% (4)
    RH neg mom; rh shot during pg (2002 or before); neuro-typical child
  • 13% (6)
    RH neg mom; rh shot during pg (2003 or after); autistic child
  • 23% (10)
    RH neg mom; rh shot during pg (2003 or after); neuro-typical child
  • 4% (2)
    RH neg mom with no rh shot during pregnancy and autistic child
  • 11% (5)
    RH neg mom with no rh shot during pregnancy and neuro-typical child
  • 18% (8)
    RH + mom with autistic child
  • 9% (4)
    RH + mom with neuro-typical child
43 Total Votes  
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I just read something about a link to rhogham and autism ... I was just curious how many moms on here are RH neg and had to have the rhogham shot during the pregnancy and had a child with autism.

You can vote for each pregnancy that you have had. I specifically listed the date 2002 or before because I think that is when the last of the shots were on the market that contained mercury. So if you were pregnant in 2002-2003 but had your shot by the end of 2002 than click on that one.

I'm not claiming there is a link between RH- and autism or even the rhogham shot (or mercury) ... but I'm just curious. I happened to have both the rhogham shot (with mercury) and the flu shot (with mercury) in the same week (week 28) of my first pregnancy and then my son developed autism and several global delays. I'm just curious if other mom's have had similar experiences.

I also had the shot during my other pregnancies which were 2004 and later but have not since had a flu vaccine or any other type of vaccine while pg.
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I have a son who is almost 12, he would be diagnosed as not neurotypical, but I am not sure about what the official dx would be. When he was younger he would have had an autism dx, he was almost completely non-verbal from 17 months to past 3 and he had many autism-like behaviours. He is not neuro-typical now but since we homeschool it has not been an issue and we have not really made any changes for him other than what he asks for or seems to need. I was involved with an experiment when I was pregnant with him, I received a flu shot while I was pregnant, I also was given the rho-gam shot and 16 shots to help mature his lungs when they claimed that I was in pre-term labor. (I was also given terbutaline and I am sure that was not necessary or good for his development. He ended up being induced the day after my due date, with pitocin.)

He was fully vax'd until he was 16 months old, until then he was above average with his development, he was speaking in full sentences, he ate all foods offered.... after he was given his vax at 16months he regressed to the point of collapse and was not the same. The doctors at the office were very rude to me and told me that I was overreacting when I called in a panic. He refused to eat all but a few foods and stopped talking.

My other children were not vaxed and I did have the rho-gham shot with the next two kids while pregnant. I only had the postpartum shot with the others. My youngest is not neuro-typical but he was given a vax in the hospital though we are not sure which one as there was a mistake and the nurse who gave it without our permission panicked and they then claimed that he was not vaxed

. He had other issues when he was little and has developed on his own path, though not like our oldest, there doesn't seem to be a learning disability issue like with Rory, it is only immune and illness for our youngest so far.

I do believe that our oldest was harmed by the shots that I received while pregnant and those that he had when he was little, I personally believe that some people are pre-disposed to adverse reactions to vax, medicines, etc. and though they are not really safe for everyone as the ingredients are mostly toxins, they are more dangerous to some people. I know that I react differently to most medications and that most of my family is the same way, I wish that I had known what I know now, for Rory's sake but he was my first and unfortunately that is what happens when we are constantly learning. He is a wonderful child, he is very talented in many ways, I am constantly amazed at how his brain works and how he has progressed, when he was 2 we didn't think that he would ever be able to function anywhere near normal and here he is. He does stand out in a group, he cannot read very well, he is behind in many areas of learning but he adores drawing and is quite good at it. He also likes math and seems to have inherited his father's ability to do math in his head, I sometimes wish that I could do it as fast as he does!

Thanks for the patience for my post, I found that when I was typing I really faced it, it helps to write it out!
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I'm RH+. One autistic kid and one neurotypical--fraternal twin boys--so same pregnancy and birth experiences.

I only voted myself of course but wanted to share that my mom was RH negative. None of my siblings are autistic. I'm not autistic either but I'm the least neuro-typical by a mile (sensory issues, OCD) and I'm the only pregnancy she had without the shot! I'm not saying there is no link but I will say that twin studies (fraternal vs. ID) to me prove that there is so much more to this than what happens in pregnancy.
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I appreciate your responses. The twin thing is interesting, Rachelle. I hadn't thought of that. I had read something yesterday that said 50% of children with autism were born to mothers that are RH neg ... but RH neg moms are only 3% of the population, which would then be very unusual to have that many children with autism born to them. I am the only RH neg female in my family and the only one to have a child with autism. My son is not "just" autistic he also has global delays, brain damage, and mild CP.
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I am RH neg. I had the shot all 6 pregnancies. 89,91,94,00,01, and 05.

00,01,and 05 kiddos all ASD. They are also all kiddos with my current Dh, who has Aspergers.

89,91,and 94 all neurotypical
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I have always wondered if there was a link between the two. I'm rh- and have autistic twins. I only recieved one shot at the birth of my children, the hospital found out that day i was rh-. They tested my blood at the first appointment but i was never told until i was in labor?

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