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Help to get through today and/or week.....

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I have never experienced depression before until after I had a baby who is now 15 months (I am seeing a therapist).

But yesterday I had my IUD taken out even though I have had soooo much indecision about having a second. Then of course last night me & my husband had sex. Not really because we were "celebrating" but because it had been a while. Of course I was even uncertain the whole time (and mad at myself why did I do it).

So now today I have been a wreck, sad, crying and what have I done - thinking I am pregnant.

Can anyone say anything, without judgment, to help me get by the rest of the day or week. Uplifting statement? Positive Personal experience? I am so down on myself that I am so uncertain, lump in throat, sad, sad, sad, sad, crying, crying, crying - wishing I could be happy one way or the other.

Maybe a good story about how great it is to have two kids?

thanks. . very much.
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When I had my first baby, 18 years ago I suffered from awful pp depression.I thought I would only have one child, because I couldn't stand the thought of going through the depression again.
My husband convinced me my son needed a sibling. So we got pregnant again. I know how you feel, and was very uncertain throughout the pregnancy.My doctor reassured me that he could put me on anti-depressents straight away and I wouldn't have to suffer a second time around.
I am happy to say that I never needed the anti-depressants. I never got depression the second time around and the baby, another boy was such a sweet little delight, that I have since had 3 more!
Try not to worry (I know - easier said than done) I have never regretted having my children, despite being so sure I should never have another after my first. When you see the reaction of your first child to the new baby, it really does make a difference.
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thank you soo so very much for your reply and taking the time to respond to me. i read it a dozen times and i'm going to keep reading it. plus it is reasurring to me that after 18 years, you don't regret it. would you happen to know of any more ppd forums?
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(((hugs))) I do best when I can ACT on something to make things better and ease my mind. Like if I were you I'd go buy condoms, read happy ending PPD stories, and mentally repeat "I'm not pg."
If it helps, my PPD was not nearly as severe the 2nd time. It was there, but not nearly as badly.
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I know how you feel being totally scared about getting pregnant again.

However, is it likely that you're ovulating soon? I mean, could you find out about how having and removing an iud affects your cycle? Perhaps you could post in the fertility forum and see if anyone knows. It is possible that you're unlikely to ovulate immediately after having it removed. Have you ever tracked your fertility signals before?

And if you DO get pregnant, yes, 2 kids is great! Hard, grant you, when they are tiny, but for years and years they will have each other as siblings, long past the post partum period that you are worried about.
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PS--welcome to MDC!
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I was sure I didn't want another after my PPD experience and then got pregnant because I stopped breastfeeding and my cycle changed that month.

Now the pregnancy hormones are making me feel wonderful. I feel I can do anything, including have even more kids after no.2!

I don't know if I'll have PPD after I give birth. I'm not as scared now, because I know these things change. For me, they're hormone related. And I intend to be active about it before I give birth, talk to my doctor, etc.

I have read stories where the second birth was what helped the mom really get out of PPD. If it doesn't happen, at least we know what it is and that we need to do something about it, I guess.

All the best to you!
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