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Help me get a central Jersey VBAC? - Page 2

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Sorry, I can't give you any recent positive stories at Somerset Medical Center. :( They aren't too fond of VBACs there.  It will be continuous monitoring.  I just heard that Alison Stone is no long attending births there though that might be something to check on. 


My best suggestion is to travel to a VBAC friendly hospital. I have a couple friends who VBACed with Brunswick Hills but the births included monitoring, epidurals, purple pushing on their backs and episiotomies,  However, if you really really want to birth at St Peter's, I'd try Dr Kyle Beiter.  I've talked to him and he was quite open to VBAC.  Plus, he comes from a VBAC and natural birth friendly hospital in NY.  You will still have to deal with the staff there.  They really don't have anything to encourage natural birth and you may wind up fighting them a bit; just be prepared for that. 

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Thanks for the info.  I know someone who raved about her recent natural childbirth experience at Somerset, BUT she wasn't attempting a VBAC and I know that makes all the difference.


I will definitely try to check out Dr. Beiter; that's the first person I've heard of who seems to REALLY support VBAC/natural childbirth and who delivers at St. Peter's.  


And will just have to keep exploring other options, too...

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*nod* I know a few people that have had great birth experiences at SMC.  But not VBACs.  That’s the issue, unfortunately.  Most hospitals want VBACs to have continuous monitoring.  I think that’s one of the biggest obstacles for VBAC/natural birth.  If you can’t move around, it’s hard to have a drug free birth.  Most of the VBAC and natural birth friendly hospitals offer wireless monitoring which allows you to walk around and use showers, tubs, etc.  SMC only has wired monitors.  I can tell you from a personal conversation with the L&D manager there that VBACs  are continuously monitored there and there are no plans to get wireless  monitors.  I don’t believe St Peter’s has wireless monitors either.


Dr Beiter is new to St Peter’s. His old hospital in NYC closed down. I do believe he sincerely wants to support his patients in the birth they desire.  I talked to him quite a bit about VBAC.   St Peter’s is dominated by mega practices so I’m not exactly sure what is hospital policy vs what is the policy of the practices that deliver there.  For instance, I’m not sure if having a running IV (vs a hep-lock) is the policy of the hospital or the policy of most of the doctors.  If you want to deliver there, these are the kinds of things that would be worth finding out.  :)

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Thank you so much - that's such valuable information.  I am only just starting out on my search for where to try to have a VBAC & natural birth experience.  I have to admit I was really naive and didn't realize it was going to be this hard!!! The questions you put out there will be really useful as I go about trying to find the right OB and hospital.

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Thanks for the feedback Carolyn and Bonnie! Sounds like you had some great experiences! I'm in Highland Park, so Overlook, Mountainside, and Hackettstown are sort of too far.  I've heard great things about Monmouth, also a bit on the far side, although I think the ride there would be easier than heading up to North Jersey.  Delaware Valley OB and delivering in Princeton is another option, again distance worries me a bit.  It's so frustrating that there are 2 hospitals like 5 minutes away and I haven't heard a single positive VBAC experience come out of either one, St. Peter's in particular.  Have also heard that St. Peter's is not doula-friendly either.  I am definitely going to get a doula - that's how all this started actually.  In my search for a doula, I had response after response saying either they flat-out won't got to St. Peter's or that it's doubtful I'd get a VBAC or a natural birth there.  


Anyone have any recent experience with Somerset Medical Center?


Oh, and that's good advice, Bonnie, about running if I hear bad things...I was holding out hope that someone somewhere would tell me they cracked the code on how to get a natural birth and a VBAC at St. Peter's and I just can't avoid the fact that I haven't found a single person to tell me anything good yet.


(Oh and Carolyn, no we haven't emailed; guess there's someone else out there with a similar story to mine!)

I had a natural birth there & used a doula for both pg. The doula's were no problem with the hospital AT ALL. Also had no IV, no episiomity. Just be firm with the staff about the IV - get a hep loc instead. Actually, the nurse told me they like doulas there because it lightens the load they have. I have BHills also & some Drs were more supportive of a doula than others. With my #1 I had a terrible doula & no real attempt to relax me or change positions, etc & I ended up requesting an epidural. With #2 I had an awesome doula & I waited to go to the hospital until the last possible second. I really had no time for drugs which was perfect. Now my #2 doula will NEVER work with brunswick hills again. Sorry no help with the vbac.


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