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Any Suggestions?

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I had a doc appt yesterday and he checked me and said baby still needs to drop more. What can I do to encourage her to drop? I went and walked around a bunch of stores today and then played Wii Fit hoping that would help. Is there anything else I can do? I know this has been asked before but I couldn't find the post!
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You and I have the same due date. We're not even 37 weeks, yet. I'm not expecting to go into labor until the very end of November. I don't know that there is anything you can do to help baby drop this early on. Babies generally come when they are ready. Hang in there!
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I guess the reason I am wondering is because the doc sounded like he expected more progress or something. I could totally be reading him wrong. I figure I have 3 weeks(at least) left, and that there is time for lots of stuff to happen. Of course if she wants to come tomorrow thats ok too:-)
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i did back flips in the pool!
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Originally Posted by shakenbake View Post
i did back flips in the pool!
Lol I wish I had a pool. I'm hoping Hula Hooping works
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i litterly was checked on monday went home not engaged did like 30 back flips next dat engaged and had a baby boy!
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Not all babies engage. True, it's more common in a first time mom for babe to drop before labour. BUT, it doesn't always happen that way. Ds1 didn't drop and they used that to convince me to have a c/s partly for high bp and partly for "huge baby-won't fit". My ds2 had the same head circumference as ds1 and also didn't drop until I was in active labour - he was my first labour.

Don't worry if your babe doesn't drop until labour. Docs expect everyone to function on "average" and not everyone conforms to that.
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Originally Posted by penguintattoo View Post
he checked me and said baby still needs to drop more.
My dd (first pregnancy) never dropped. I was 42 weeks and she was still floating in there. Then I went into labor and she was born!

I don't know about all this baby-dropping business.
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My first two never dropped. Still high when I started pushing. i was very active for the entire pregnancies.

This one is not dropping either. I am trying like mad to encourage dropping/full on labor. I have been walking 3 miles a day everyday and when I sit it is on my exercise ball bouncing and rocking etc.
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I wouldn't even worry about it. I don't think you can make a baby drop before they are ready.
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I am constantly hearing that Dr.'s make this kind of remark to mom's in the last month of their pregnancies...whether it is about 'dropping' or 'dilation', etc...This is why I wish they'd just keep their hands where they belong. I'd never agree to an internal exam with out a DARN GOOD reason. (Like, I think it is time to PUSH.) They start to make you lose faith in your body and your ability to birth. I didn't drop until I was in active labor with my first. Seriously no need to worry. Get some good birth affirmations and trust your body. There is absolutely no reason to think something is wrong right now!!!! You'll do great!
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I dropped a bit this weekend: we bowled, DTD, walked, had spicy, greasey food, did accupressure . . . was it one of those things that did it or was it just time? who knows. I think the same goes for anything that's supposed to bring on labor. It could have been any of those things, or just baby thought it was time to come.

You have plenty of time for baby to drop, and as PP have said, often they don't drop/engage until you are in labor. GL!
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Thanks ladies, you make me feel a lot better! She has already dropped some, but this whole dropping this is very confusing to me. I don't mind my doc doing the checks, but I think he could have waited til next week or even the week after to start considering I'm just 37 weeks tomorrow. Its their standard thing though, so I don't argue it(I argue enough other stuff). I asked him the likely hood of me having a big baby since all of my moms were big(9lbs3oz-11lbs5oz) and I'm starting to wish I hadn't since now he is worried that this one will be huge. I told him I'm not worried about it, she'll come out just fine. I feel like her head is pretty far down as it is, so I'm just not going to worry about it anymore! Thanks everyone!
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Don't forget that your baby is wise. Trust that she knows what to do and when to do it. Trust that she'll make the right rotations, tuck her chin in, and move down with ease. Your uterus will be there to help her when it's time.

My second baby didn't drop at all until labor, and I think most of my early labor was him working his way down. I've already sensed that the prodromal/prelabor stuff I've had going on has been bringing baby down. The process really does work.

Remember your baby not dropping before labor is very very rarely a sign that you cannot birth her. I think too often care providers take it and run with it as a "sign" that your baby is too big. It's bunk.
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At my last visit, the MW told me baby was up a little higher than he had been. She suggested I play some soft music on headphones and put them very low on my belly (just above the pelvc bone) to encourage babe to move down. She said they use this technique all the time for breech and baby tends to move his head closer to the music.
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