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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Pregnancy and Birth › Understanding Circumcision › do they automatically circ during a hosp birth, or do they ask?
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do they automatically circ during a hosp birth, or do they ask?

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It seems like a routine thing here, that I'm not sure if they would just do it automatically along with everything else. I guess though, you simply state it in your birth plan, like no cutting cord until done pulsing....etc,etc, no circ...

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In the hospital I gave birth in, if you wanted it done, you had to make an appt with a Doctor willing to perform the procedure and then pay 300$+ have it done. I don't think all hospitals are the same.
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They asked me with both of my boys. I'm not sure how they do it there, but I would put it in the birth plan and also talk your birth plan over with the hospital. They don't always read it, or have time to read it in the instance that something happens and they've just got to move.
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At the hospital I birthed in they don't do it at all. You have to schedule it with your pediatrition.

Definately ask -- do they hospital tours for expecting parents? -- that would be a good time to inquire.
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I *just posted! Thanks mamas!
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So long as your are rooming in it would be very hard for them to just do it. It is a comlicated procedure and takes at least 15-45 minutes (depending on if there is pain medication and if it is being used correctly). I knew when babies were being taken for circs when I was in the hospital and I had a girl.

If you plan on sending him to the nursery I would definitely put a sign on his bassinet and perhaps even writin on his diaper to leave every thing attatched.

If they do it without asking yu can sue (little comfort that would be, but at least . . . .)
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They're legally required to get your consent, but there have been cases where they circ first, ask later. Let your ob and ped know ahead of time, room in, avoid meds if you can so you're more alert, and get your son a "NO CIRC" shirt from www.nocirc.org
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Originally posted by pumpkinhead
In the hospital I gave birth in, if you wanted it done, you had to make an appt with a Doctor willing to perform the procedure and then pay 300$+ have it done. I don't think all hospitals are the same.
My hospital was the same. My prenatal instructor told the class that if they wanted it done, to talk to their dr.s and not mention it to the nurses because they are really against it.

yay nurses
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Hi Letia,
I have been following your ttc journey as a lurker in the other forum....first of all congratulations on your preganancy. God is so good and your faith has been inspirational Secondly, about circing--if you don't want them to do it...DO NOT LET YOUR SON OUT OF THE SIGHT OF YOU OR DH! I say this b/c even though it is rare, it does happen. My second son was circumcised without our consent, and I am so sad that I ever let him leave my sight.
Blessings to you, and enjoy this special time with your baby sharing one body and growing together

Take care,
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I have elected not to circ my fourth son. The older three are... This was before I saw what really happened.... Can't go back, but I can change what will be.
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They asked me the first morning, I said we were unsure at that time. They asked me the next morning, I said no. That was it.
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My ob asked me while I was preg. and I told him no. At the hosp they want you to sign a consent if you want it done. With my last boy the nurse walked in the morning after his birth and said I'm taking him for his circ. now and I said not this baby!
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Before the early 1980's, it was quite common for boys to be circumcised without parental consent and in many cases, against parental wishes. There was a lawsuit in the early 1970's that brought this to an end. However, it took almost 10 years for all hospitals to get on board. Now, it is standard practice to get a signed consent form for their protection, not yours. In some hospitals that routinely circ and strongly support circumcision, there is a fairly high risk that a child would be circumcised without parental consent and against their wishes. Some hospitals have become aware of this and refuse to allow circumcisions in their facilities. At those hospitals, you have to make an appointment with a pediatrician to get it done and at a later date.

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While I was in labor they asked me several questions and put my answers into the computer, like are you breastfeeding... if it is a boy, do you want him circumcised.

We roomed-in, but at my hospital each baby has a required stay of 2 hours in the nursery. Well, those two hours came and went... then three... I sent DH and my family to go to the nursery to see him through the window and make sure he was okay, and they came back and said He's not there, they took him into the back! Oh my god, I was scared to death, I said, They are circumcising him! I have never been so scared. It turns out they had to examine him longer than usual because of a dimple in his back (which turned out to be nothing). Sure terrified me, though.

When the ped came in he asked if I wanted him circ'd and so did a couple nurses. It didn't really bother me, but it irritated me a little that they didn't look at the chart. The lactation consultant also asked if he'd had his circumcision that day because he was having problems latching and was lazy at the breast (and pro-circs say it doesn't affect BFing...)
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When our boys were born, they asked us if we wanted them to be circumcized. They do not routinely do it; it's considered an optional procedure and it's scheduled usually 24+ hours after birth.
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I would not feel secure with just the birth plan. Sure, you could sue the hospital if they circed without parental consent (ciring without child consent is fine, though: ) but the damage would still be done.

The best thing is to never let your son out of your sight. If he has to go to the nursery for any reason, and you can't go (they will tell you that you can't go, but don't listen!) then write NO CIRC on any paper you have to sign, and on something that can be attached to him at all times. Write it on his belly or diaper.
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in my experience, they hand you consent forms bundled with a bunch of other papers in the middle of transition, while undergoing a huge contraction.

btw, emily, you do not have to leave your baby in the nursery just because it is hospital 'policy'. unless there is some emergency when you dh can accompany the baby (and they are unlikely to circ in the middle of rescusitation, tho' it has probably been done), you can just say 'no'. it is a complete sentence. they bullied me to hell & back when i was 24, but by my late 30's it got a lot harder. they will bitch about bad lighting, making the ped walk to your room, etc., but they will get over it, trust me. just for future reference! be your baby's protector- show 'em who's boss.


(ps hope syntax etc is correct; my 18 m old just deleted my entire answer, & i hope i got the jist of it correct, lol.)
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They asked in the military hospital...........over and over and over again. I had to tell everyone, doctors and nurses no , over and over again.

Then in the civilian hospital they asked and I said no and the doctor knew ahead of time that I didn't want to, she never pushed it. I have heard of people putting notes on the babys diaper and in the babys bassinett. Good Luck!
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in the hospital i birthed my son in, there were consent forms. they also had like a 2 day wait period, and if you changed your mind the nurse would just remove the consent form from the chart and tear it up.

if you're worried, just keep your little one with you at all times.
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