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Help! I'm breaking out in hives!

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All of a sudden I'm having some sort of reaction. I started itching and noticed that I have hives. Upon examining myself further, they're all over my stomach and getting on my back as well. They're also on my arms.

Dh says I having an allergic reaction. (Unfortunately, he's quite experienced with them). The only thing that helps him in an antihistamine (sp).

Any adivce? Is an antihistamine okay to take while nursing?

Thanks much for any advice.

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Antihistamines can dry you out overall, so extended use might slow or lessen your milk supply. Check with your doctor to see which ones are approved for nursing mothers, but still drink lots of fluids and keep close tabs on your milk supply.

Any idea on what is causing the hives- a new bath or laundry product, a food allergy, a new stress in your life? Last time I got them, I had used bath salts in heavily chlorinated tap water for a bath. They were so bad I had to take prednisone for a week to get them to subside. No more bath salts for me, even though I have unchlorinated well water now.

There are probably some herbal alternatives for hives, but I don't know what they are. Can others chime in with the herbals?
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Nettles is antihistamine. So is vitamin C at 6,000 mg. IT may be hormones i would try Evening Primrose Oil.
Good Luck!
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One month ago, I was pregnant and nursing when I came down with hives- so bad that my feet swelled and I couldnt walk.
We thinmk the culprit was goldfish crackers. (LOL!)
Anyhow, It lasted so long that I did go to the doctor, and she recommened Benedral unless It went oon even longer.
Benedral is one of the safest antihistimes out there- FDA approved for prenant women adn everyhing.
The good thing about it, is that it does only last 4 hours, which means you dont have to be on it forever.

Nettles helps my partner with his sinus allergies. Also, try avoiding meats and diary products until you are over this- they also naturally cuase your histimines to go up, maybe enough to annoy you right now.

The other big thing is to figure out what caused it so it doenst happen again!

Good Luck, b
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Thanks for the replies. I was so desperate when I posted and then I haven't had time to get back to the post (go figure).

I applied tea tree oil on the hives. It helped with the itching but it did not clear them up...right away anyway.

The ONLY thing that I can come up with is that it may have been nerves. I broke out about 4 hours after getting my nose pierced and I was very nervous about how much it might hurt. (Everything was totally sterile).

The hives only affected my torso. Today, the bumps are still there slightly but they're going away.

Thanks again...I really appreciate your help!
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