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Least/Most amount of UP that you did?

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This is our 3rd child, 1st UP/UC and I'm feeling pretty good.
I'm going to get a tape measure. I'm 12.5 weeks now and feeling movement from time to time.
I'm getting my list of herbs ready. I still want to get some RRL tea.

What is the least or most that you did during your pregnancy?
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I tend to be pretty laid back. I've had varying levels of involvement but even then it's been pretty minimal. I don't measure anything or record anything or change my diet/exercise to reflect that I'm pregnant. I eat like I normally do, keep up with my normal exercise (which isn't aerobics by any means ). In general I get a gender scan (DD2 was the only one I was able to get around the whole needing a HCP thing for) and that's it. I might take my blood pressure once in awhile if I'm passing a unit in the store but not for diagnostic reasons. I think they are fun. I might weigh myself but mostly out of curiosity and because my scale is a nice big fat liar. I found this out recently.

I do establish myself as a patient somewhere (though with DD2 it was more of just pre-registering at the hospital) in the event of transfer. With D1 we transferred (for non emergency reasons) and while we had shown some care from the early stages it was sstill somewhat confusing for them. This time around I established patient status just last week....far enough long and a full enough "prenatal" that in the case of transfer I'm hoping it won't be as rough on them. (though I had already established it at the beginning...this was an actual change of HCP so it was a new go round of establishing ).

I know I'm on the very low key end of things. I know there are others here who do way more than me and then others who are more middle ground. It's just what works for you. If you are feeling fine and healthy then use that as your basis. If you are feeling sick or otherwise crappy, use that as your basis. I tend to go at things like this on a day by day basis just like everything else.
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I'm occassionally checking my blood pressure & sugar, weighing myself, taking my prenatal, watching protein and water intake, and measuring fundal height. That's about it mama.
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I just live a healthy lifestyle - for the most part. Right now I'm too tired to exercise.
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I was thinking of getting some test strips as well. I think I'll continue to go with the flow. If I feel I need something, I'll get it and do it, and if not, I'll keep on my merry way.
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I do my own BP at the store, I have the urine sticks to test for protien, and I monitor my blood sugar levels at random times. I try to do this all at least once a week.
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I tracked fundal height early in the pregnancy. I kept tabs on my BP in the last couple of months since I was so puffy and I used a fetoscope and a doppler a few times to listen in on babe. Mostly I just tried to be mindful of what was going on and to check in with baby to see how she was doing.
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i checked my bp a couple of times, and tried to eat well and supplement where necessary. I palpated myself so I felt confident that baby was head down. That was about it.
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I asked a friend to palpate to baby's position to ensure it was head down and that was about it.
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I did next to nothing. I just didn't feel the need for anything. I never felt healthier or stronger than I did when I was pregnant.

I went to a CNP when I was about 38 weeks to have a pregnancy test done (just a pee in a cup thing) and she checked my blood pressure and listened to his heartbeat with the stethoscope. Pronounced me crazy (because I told her I was UP/UCing) but in perfect heath. Promised to do the necessary paperwork for the birth certificate for me, and she did.

I never did any of the at-home stuff.

I drank pregnancy tea, and took my liquid prenatals. Exercised. Got plenty of rest. Just generally took care of myself.
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-pee strips every few weeks to monitor glucose and protein
-monitored my BP monthly then weekly (biggie for me as I had white coat induced hypertension previously and VERY high BP & my BP was never over my baseline during my UP)
-kept an eye on my weight and kept a scant record
-optimal fetal positioning (another biggie as I had a c/s previously due to positioning)
-rented a doppler to listen to baby's HB once or twice

I ended up transferring during the last hour of labor due to meconium (couldn't feel the baby move during that time so I freaked). The staff was shocked but then came to the conclusion (when I knew baby's position and they merely guessed) that I actually did know what I was doing. It was validating and I think they learned that medical intervention is not always the best choice.
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With my last pregnancy I did pretty much... nothing. I measured fundal height once or twice, but it was more out of curiosity than anything else. Took vitamins. That's about it. I drank RRL tea, but I like it lol. Laid back, that's me.
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