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My grandparents had radiators in their house and they were just fine - although they were only in the two rooms (they weren't bedrooms, really - there were two rooms, a hallway in between them, and a kitchen and bathroom off the hallway). The doors had to be closed to the hallway, so it would be freezing in the hallway. The bathroom also had a small heater and I don't remember about the kitchen... I'm assuming the oven kept it rather warm when it was in use, otherwise it must have been just as cold as the other parts of the house. BUT it's also the case that this was in Europe and it was a brick and stone house, had an attic, and was well insulated.

On the plus side you could keep food warm if you set the plate on it (it wasn't hot enough to burn you, but it did get warm) and also served as a humidifier if you put a bowl of water on top to evaporate... and it also dried small items of clothing on top.

ETA: It was gas, not oil.