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WOHM only part-time now! Yipee!

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Celebrate with me!! I found a way to be home every afternoon with my toddler! From now on! Whooopee! Feels like Christmas! I have been working and/or attending class with DD in daycare nearly 40 hours per week until this week. Here's the story:

I have been contracting specialized computer mapping jobs to fire departments since I graduated last Dec. In the mean-time, my 15 month old DD has never done well in daycare, we have been asked to leave 4 since she started in part-time at 10 months. She just will not fall asleep easily; dcp after dcp told me to let her CIO, don't co-sleep, wean, put her down, she's too attached - whatever! : I have refused to change my parenting style for anyone else! This culminated last week when yet another dcp gave us a 2 week notice. (These are all nice ladies, they love DD and I, they just don't want to parent her to sleep.) Finally, I discovered that the problem is not DD, it's my work schedule!! DING! DING! We have a winner! So I consulted my clients and decided to only come into my office 9am to 1pm, then WAH while DD naps and/or after she falls asleep at night.

The 2 trade-offs = less $ as I'm working 30 hr/wk rather than 40. That's no biggie, I can slim my expenses down (read: pay off college loan slower). Bigger problem is that I used lunch of old schedule for personal time. Guess I'll just need to be more creative...I'll figure it out, for sure!

Yay! This week alone we explored tide pools, went hiking, had a picnic with an old friend, and did tons of yard work! This has been a goal of mine ever since I was surprised by DD's conception (knowing I'd be a solo parent). I knew it would happen! And you know what?? She's sleeping better!

Thanks for reading!
Everything Counts!
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YEAH! It feels so good to make a decision that feels right! I have been so fortunate with my daughter who is 16mo now, to be abel to have jobs where I could bring her wiht me! I nannyed the first year, the kids loved her, and she loved all the attention. I also worked at a childrens clothing store where she more than fit in ha! So I know how you feel, I did everything I could to make sure I could be with her, Im now starting to consider a very part time job to have some time to myself and socialize with other adults! The time has come. Good luck with the new schedule!
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I am so thrilled for you! I can just read in your post how happy you are and how good you feel about this newly worked out schedule. Good for you!! (I'm a little envious as well! )
Your daughter will really benefit.
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Thanks for the support! I have very few fellow solo mama friends (who were very encouraging, btw) but my family was outraged when I told them of my plans! They worry about money money money - whatever! My kid is worth it!

Moondance, DD came to both class and work with me until she was 10 months. Way to go, bringing her along! I know it's not always easy...

Thanks again!
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