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Growing bigger

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I had a midwife appointment today. My last one was eight days ago. My belly has grown two centimeters and I have gained five pounds. WTF?!?!? My next appointment is in another eight days and I really really really hope this doesn't happen again!

I don't think I'm going to give birth for another week and a half, maybe not even until longer, so I'm trying not to monitor myself for imminent signs of labor. But the BHs are getting increasingly intense and tiring me out and making me want to go to bed, but even if I didn't have a pile of other responsibilities, I can't rest that well in bed any more anyway. Everything gets to where it aches.

Another thing is that emotionally, I am averse to being around men, except for dh and my one friend who is gay. I have a number of male friends and relatives whom I normally adore, as well as male co-workers I like, so it's weird that I just don't even want to talk to them at all these last few days.

I'm pretty much finished with both nesting and schoolwork. I still have stuff to finish up at my job, but it's not anything demanding or stressful. Just waiting, and wishing I could rest more and be around people less.
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I COMPLETELY understand how you're feeling. I don't want to be around other men either, not because I feel like a whale, but just because I'm in a state where I'm feeling vulnerable (?) or something. I don't want to entertain or have visitors, and I don't really want to go out in public much these last 2 weeks. The grocery store is the really my main outing these days.

RE the weight gain, I put on 8 lbs between 34 to 37 wks, not for any reason that i can identify (had been maintaining or gaining at a 1lb/wk rate). Maybe it's normal? I wouldn't let it bother me too much unless there was swelling.

We are almost finished!
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