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First time spotting at 16 weeks

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I just started spotting this morning... I have never had this happen in any of my pregnancies. It is light pinkish mucusey. Not very much....

I haven't had sex in a long while...
I heard the baby's heartbeat at 14 weeks...

My head tells me to calm down, but I feel sick about it. I do have a coworker who went through the same thing at 20 weeks and she was fine, but she did go into the Hospital about it.

I think I will wait unless it gets worse or persists....

Anyone have this or heard of it?
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It is really scary, no matter what. BUT, it can be really, really normal. My MW likes to see her clients if thy are spotting at all, just to get heart tones and talk about why it may be happening - would your care provider do the same? If not, I know from experience that an ER visit for spotting in early pregnancy can be really reassuring, or really frustrating, depending on who is on staff. i hope your spotting clears up today, and you can hear that lovely heartbeat again soon.
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If you need peace of mind, call your ob or midwife to check things out. I spotted brown (and everything I read online gave me BAD news about brown spotting) so I went to the er and everything was fine and I spotted for several weeks. During my last pregnancy I spotted the full first trimester. You may want to let your provider know what is going on just incase they want to have a look .
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Maybe others have experience with mucus vs. no mucus. But the last couple pregnancies when I've experienced spotting both times it was just reddish/brown - sort of pink at first but pink went away quickly. And NO MUCUS. In my cases it was a non-threatening bleed they found from behind the placenta and I spotted for a week or two each time just light brown. If there is a lot of mucus I would be a bit scared that was part of my mucus plug coming out (but I'm not a medical professional so don't quote me!).

Any other symptoms? Contractions, pains? UTI can cause premature labor/bleeding? Sex, vaginal exams. And sometimes it is just unexplained! I'm a little paranoid myself and would probably want a quick check on things. But do what you feel is comfortable with you! Honestly medical professionals can only do so much to stop problems. And sometimes I go in just for my own sanity but understanding that they might not be able to help. (And yes, it can be stressful going in!)

The one thing I did ask when I went in to get mine checked is that they not do a vaginal exam with their hands. I told them they could look at my cervix with a speculum to confirm bleeding/dilation and they could look at the cervical length with u/s to see if I was thinning out. But preferred no hand exam. Didn't want them roughing up the cervix any more than necessary.

Most times it is nothing!!
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lightish pink i wouldn't worry about... JMHO - blood red, or brown, I'd be going to my OB or the OR to check it out for sure! Hope that is all it is, just some tinted luekorrhea (sp?)
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Originally Posted by Carita View Post
lightish pink i wouldn't worry about... JMHO - blood red, or brown, I'd be going to my OB or the OR to check it out for sure! Hope that is all it is, just some tinted luekorrhea (sp?)
Just out of curiosity, why worry too much about "brown" blood? I've always understood that to be old blood and not a worry. I only ever really spot brown blood in pregnancy? Light pink is actually fresher than brown (meaning active bleeding) and I've always been much more afraid of pink and red!
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I just wiped again and it was a red streak. I am crying in my office right now... everyone at work is in an important meeting and I don't want to go back! I have no idea what to do... I guess I should just leave and go to the ER> I have faith everything is ok as it is a very small amount....

thanks for your input, I really appreciate it.
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Go get it checked out Mama. But if you are not cramping or having other symptoms this may just be something else. Your placenta could be close to your cervix. I've heard some women bleed ALOT in pregnancy and things are fine. I'll be thinking of you!
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I don't have anything to add that others haven't already said, but I did want to say that I hope everything is fine and to go get checked out just to be sure.
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The odds are, it isn't anything serious. But, please do go to the doctor to get it checked on. You don't need to be sitting along in your office worrying about this!!!

I know how scary it is to see blood. In my last pregnancy, I had bright red blood when I wiped at about 16 weeks. I was terrified. I called the doctor and they had me come in for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed placenta previa. It resolved itself later in pregnancy, but I did have to do a pelvic rest and "take it easy" for about 8 weeks.

I've heard stories from many mamas with bleeding where they simply never find the cause.

Please keep us posted. I'm saying a prayer for you and your baby!
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At 16 weeks, with pink or red and mucous, with or without pain, I would go immediately to the ER and be very strong and adamant about being seen immediately and being checked via ultrasound ASAP to see if your cervix is opening/funneling at all, so that if it is, actions can be taken as soon as possible.

It certainly may be nothing, or could be a non-threatening SCH, but, in my own case, it was something, and started like that.

I hesitate to post the following, but if you go and it's nothing, then at least your mind is at ease.

I waited a bit before going to the ER as I was not having any pain, and my care provider said to go if I started having contractions. I never did, but the spotting turned into streaking, turned into heavier mucousy red blood and I was freaking out so I went to the ER on my own volition. From spotting to going to the ER was 2 1/2 hours.

Also, I was not very adamant about being tended to at the ER, because I figured they would know if it was a big deal afterI said I was 22 weeks and bleeding a bit with mucous at triage, but was in no pain / having no contractions. I was wrong, I should have been persistant and loud and asked to be seen immediately. From the time I got there and put into a room to the time I got an ultrasound, it was 4 hours, and I was 6cm dilated by the time the u/s was done. Once I was hooked up to the monitors it showed I was contracting, but I was feeling nothing, not even tightening.

I had had a previous full term birth and no risk factors for pre-term labor or incompetent cervix.

Looks like you are going, take care, I'm sure it's nothing but just in case...
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Oh Mama *hugs*

If it were me, I'd be getting checked out right away. 2nd trimester spotting has always been bad for me.
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Please go get checked out. If for no other reason than for your own peace of mind, which will keep your body relaxed. But like the others said, if there is wrong AND there is some way to treat it or prevent problems, the earlier the better. You would hate to regret your decision later.

Thinking about you. Please update us when you can.

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Okay I am back from the Dr. Thank God everything is fine. They said the chances of anything being wrong at 16 weeks is like 1%, especially since we have heard the heartbeat and it was strong.

They checked my cervix and said they saw a little tear. This is where the blood was coming from. You know how you get more nosebleeds and gum bleeding from pregnancy due to excess blood supply? It can happen on the cervix too as it is similar type tissue and mucusey. She said no intercourse for a few week. No problem!

I havent had any cramping and haven't done heavy lifting or anything.

I am at peace... I am okay.

Hope this helps anyone else in a future situation. Do see your Dr.

Thanks for your thoughts and support!
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First time Spotting at 16 weeks -Good news update

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Thank God! What a relief.
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SO glad to hear.
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Geez. The cervix can really be a pain. I'm still angry with mine over the random bleeding last week.
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Thank goodness!! Thanks so much for the update!
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so good to hear!

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