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OB appt and a Q

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went to the OB baby is heads down! im only 3cm but thats ok!
she went down i was right when she flipped yay!!
my doc commented on my weight gain said wow you have done well! well 14 pounds from pre preg weight was hard but i ate good and healthy for once in my life lol
im at one week visits im "ful term" 37 weeks and i can have this baby any day as he says! woohoo~

now heres my Q the nascar race is here this weekend and my hubby Really wants to go well he can not go alone as he would be drinking and if i go its ALOT of walking and walking hasnt been very good to me it hurts if i walk more then 2 blocks
but if he goes with someone else and i stay home and go into labor if its anywhere near the end of the race it takes 2-3hrs MINIMUM to get out of the parking lot not to drive home but get out of the lot
what would you do i know how badly he wants to go but i just dont really feel like walking he aid he can get me a wheel chair blah!
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Yay for the heads down!

I personally would have been fine with DH going at 37 weeks without me, because I knew nothing was happening or going to happen anytime soon, lol. If I was 3 cm dilated like you, I probably wouldn't want him to go at all... it sounds like you could go anytime, and if it takes so long for him to get home and he would have been drinking, it would make me nervous... but that's just me!
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Yay for head down! Just please please please please PLEASE recognize that you could have a December baby, okay? I don't want you to completely freak if she's not here in your 39th week.

As for the race, you're going to be miserable, I'm afraid. My very first thought of discomfort isn't even all the walking (or the people you'll bump into, etc.)...it's how to pee when you're trying to get out - three hours in bumper-to-bumper would mean, for me at least, two potty breaks in the car. That doesn't sound fun! Add to that the walking, the people, the noise, the frequent potty breaks...ugh. I think maybe hubby needs to find someone else to go with. If you go with him, I don't think either of you will have fun.
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i just really dont want him to go alone he does NOT need to drive and drive .
the walking they said they will come get me in a golf cart andf take me to the stands i kinda do want to go but then dont on the other hand its just a toss up!
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If you feel up to going, and their willing to give you a ride on the golf cart instead of having to walk then go, I would! If you go into labor while your there, I am sure they can find away to get you out of the place quicker than 3 hours! I'm going 2 hours away this weekend, so if I go into labor then I have at least a 2 hour drive to get back to my house to go to the hospital. I figure I'm only 37 weeks and as much as I want her to come out now its probably not going to happen! Even with you being 3cm it could still be a little while, you might as well have fun while you can!!
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