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I was at it again today!! Dh is gonna be so suprised LOL.. He is really good about it. He doesnt expect a clean house everyday. I mean its nice. But he knows that with two kids sometimes its impossible. Besides he also cleans. He pretty much keeps the kitchen and bathrooms in order. He always has. He cooks I dont so I guess he just figures he might as well do the dishes too :LOL Fine by me. The bathrooms are his thing LOL.. I was pretty spoiled growing up so I never had to clean my room let alone a bathroom and when we got married and I found out that noone was coming to clean the bathrooms dh took that roll. Which is ok too!! being a stay at home parent doesnt mean maid .. dh words not mine.. He also says just because he works doesnt make it a get out of cleaning card.. He lives here to. But I have went on a rant.. I have been noticing alot of contractions when I am up and about .. today while making the beds I started in and then while vaccuming and doing the laundry is hard. To get in the washer with this belly.. I am only 5'3 lol so i have to really reach down in there then bend over to load the dryer.. I am out of breath after doing the laundry! Then i will come fold it on the couch and rest a bit then put t away a half hour later !!
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My DH helps alot too and does the bathrooms, gotta love that!

My hard thing has been unloading the grocery cart!
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:LOL Ya know to be so short and carrying so low sucks! To get the laundry out of the washer is hard for me. I cant reach in there all the way! I am gonna need a stool to stand on : Then getting things out of the back of the truck..Ohhh OHH you should see me getting in the truck itself :LOL We havent gotten a step bar on it yet. So I have to hick my leg up there and use the "oh shit bar" to get up in there lol.. fun times!!
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Good afternoon everyone. I will be 31 weeks tomorrow counting down the weeks intil Chloe is here. I got a few packages in the mail today so that made my day I got some nanipoos newborn diapers they are so cute and I also got my order from sugarpeas. what kinds of foods have you craved? I usually donot like Chinese food but lately Ive been craving it I had an egg roll and fried rice with vegetables my husband is so good to me he is cleaning the whole house what a sweetie. not much else to report I hope you all are well.

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there 's not really any particular food i'm craving, but I MUST chew ice constantly! omg, i cannot get enough. i carry around a cup in my car and i have stopped at numerous gas stations/quik marts to get my fix. :LOL the other day i took a long bath...just soaking and crunching for about 45 minutes! ahhhh, bliss.

yeah, i need to go now...the ice calleth.
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I have heard that Constant Ice chewing is a sign of low iron.. Or in your case it could just be a pregnancy thing. But have ya had your iron checked? just a thought
I havent had much of any cravings either. I pretty much have to get myself put in the mood to eat. Nothing usually sounds good. But once I start to eat I do pretty well Could be why I havent gained very much weight thus far. With the girls I craved fudge bars and pizza and mexican and even taco bell:
I am 33 weeks tomorrow.. Woohooo. so that puts me at about 6-7 weeks left Ive been so sleepy lately too.. well I better get going. Talk to you mamas tomorrow
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Just as an aside note, ice crunching can be a symptom of iron deficiency....

Of course, that doesn't mean I'M into crunching ice... NOOOO not me..... Never. Nope. Not a bit (walking over to get more ice outta the freezer....).

I totally agree about the warm bath and ice crunching. Bliss city. In fact, after I get home from work tomorrow, that's exactly what I'm gonna do!!!!!!:LOL

I saw the cutest outfit on www.tuesdaybear.com today. It said, and I quote, "Breast fed, cloth diapered... Guess I 'm just spoiled". I had to call my DH on that one. He thought it was cute, too. It definitely explains Hunter . That smiley was invented for him!!!

At any rate, I'm getting tired of ppl telling me I'm getting bigger week to week. No sh*t, really? I've only gained 11 pounds this pregnancy, so stuff it! The BABY is getting bigger, it's his perogative!!!!

I've been having a bit of trouble with shortness of breath and racing heart, but my OB says that is normal, just relax and sit down or lie down. Like I can. I only have to make sure 4 kiddos don't kill themselves or destroy something every hour of every day!!! Not that they are bad kids, just busy.

I bought Hunter two diapers today on E-Bay. They are snappi diapers and look really cool. Can't wait for that fluffy mail!!!

Hope all of you are well, DH and I went out on Thursday for our fourth Anniversary!! We ate so much, I thought I would deliver right there! Then we went to the bookstore and rattled around there for a bit. It was fun. I still can't wait for the day I can have a margarita!!! Yummy in my tummy.

See y'all later. I have to get up and go to work at 7AM tomorrow. Sigh. It's 11PM now. Sleepytime for me!
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I'm not really craving anything, either. With ds, I craved EVERYTHING! Could be why I gained 54 pounds!! So far, with 6 weeks to go, I have gained only 27, which for my ordinarily underweight body is just right. I feel much better healthwise than I did during pg #1. About Chinese food, this pregnancy has given me the opposite experience of Christina. I ordinarily love it but it has been so unappealing to me since day 1 this time around. I still have nausea and major food aversions. Can't wait to enjoy all my meals again- especially SUSHI- in 6 weeks!!
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i also am aware of the ice crunching/low iron connection. i had my iron checked earlier in the pregnancy, but i think i should have it checked again. with my last pregnancy i started to get anemic right around this time...

well, my cup is empty. gotta go.
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has anyone else been just overly emotional lately? I seem to have a shorter temper and want to cry so much easier then normal! like a little kid in a way if something doesnt go my way or i hear somethign i didnt want to hear I will just CRY! whats up with that! freak mama should be my name!
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Hmmm, that's an idea for a DDDDDC, doncha think, Christy??? :LOL I cry sometimes for no apparent reason. I get emotional looking at newborns. It's tooo funny. DH just rolls his eyes and says, "I can't wait untill this baby is born. Then, I'll have my regular wife back."

Whatever THAT means.......

Today, after taking a bath, I was drying off DOWN THERE and I noticed some blood. Now, it was pink, so it wasn't heavy, but I think I have a laceration of some kind (don't ask, I have no clue how it got there....), but I'm not sure. I really don't want to call the doc on this one because, knowing them, I'd end up in the Labor and Delivery area of the hospital and be told it was nothing and I'm free to go on home....sigh. Then, since our insurance only pays 90%, I'm stuck with 10% which could amount to a lot, sometimes....Hmmm.... So, I took one of Hunters soft fleece liners and put it in my undies. If it continues, I'll call, if not, I won't. Yep. Waaaaay too TMI, ya think?

See all you freak mamas later! I'm taking a much needed NAP!
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goodwill~ How is that bleeding? Did you and dh have some umm umm ya know nookie last night or today?? maybe it is part of your plug?? Did ya shave while in the shower?? Might of nicked yourself then.. Could be so many different things. I wouldnt worry either.. I mean it could be so many simple things. and you arent cramping are you .. you know what your doing this is number 5 for ya!! I would at least call tomorrow about it if it is still there in the morning.. Maybe you have a bladder infection or something? MY dh always laughs at me which pisses me off sometimes and makes me cry even harder which makes him laugh harder: damn men. If they could spend one day as a women I would make everything roll into one like a period and cramps and labor pains. and leaky bobs then we would see who was more Manly LOL...:LOL
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christmama: Leaky bobs huh, he he he! Just made me laugh!
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lol Oh that is suppose to be leaky Boobs! gesh! LOl leaky bobs lol thats funny though
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hi beautiful mamas ~

i had a fun day today...NOT. i was flying back home today from visiting my parents. we got to the airport about an hour and a half early, and i was feeling optimistic about not having to wait in line too long - it only took about 5 minutes to get checked in. THEN i headed over to the security line and was informed that the wait was about an hour and a half!!! i was less worried about missing my flight than i was about having to stand for that long. well, i made my flight, but oh was i tired and sore when i finally got to sit down.

i got lots of sympathetic looks, but no offers to cut in line! there really should be a special preggo line...c'mon, we deserve more respect!
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Last night I was up pretty much all night with some contractions. Not painful but uncomfortable. So I thought they were contrations. Then all day today I have had this pain in my right side rib. I am now wondering if the " contractions I thought i was feeling was really him turning. ( he had been breech or still is: ) But now with the rib pain I wonder if he is pressing on my ribs with his feet. I dont feel kicks to the ribs just a sudden OUch feeling. it is strange. it feel sore though... I just keep thinking I am 33 weeks only have a few left to go...
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Nope, no nooky.

Sigh. The bleeding has gone away, just like I knew it would. I'm trying not to be alarmist this pg because, well, I hate feeling like a freak. I'm just getting more tired each day, but still keeping up mostly. Duncan had a fever last night, so Mac was up with him all night (what a husband, no?). We're discussing moving Hunter from our bed to his, but I seem to be having issues with that because, well, I don't wanna!!!!!!!! Sooo, we're trying to figure out alternate arrangements. I can't stand the idea of moving another small bed in here, as it would upset my arrangement of things. I suspect I'm a bit obsessive compulsive. Maybe more than a bit obsessive. Anyway, who cares, no? OOOOHhhh
DH just got Dell to send out a technician with a new processor, a new fan AND a new motherboard for this system. How sexy. I love it when he speaks "geek" to me. :LOL

No loss of mucus plug, that I know of...I'm going to see the doc next Thursday, soooo, I suspect he'll do an internal to see how much, if any, I am dilating, etc. He usually does that at 32 weeks. Still cookin' along.

Ciao to you... Hoping all is well and thanking you for your loving kind concern!!!!! :LOL
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Goodwillhunter: You sound like me on the whole moving a bed in, thing! What about just a sleeping bag on the floor next the bed, you can roll it up and put it away-during the day? It will also "migrate" easy when YOU are ready for that, he he!

We had a wonderful Sunday afternoon! It got up to a whole whopping 50 degrees! We went for a bike ride down to the river and spent the day out side. I felt the best I have in MONTHS and I know it was due to the exercise and fresh air! It's back cold again, but spring will be here soon! I can't wait. I wanted to share a little something that a mom posted in one of my yahoo groups (she's an April mom to). I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and it has really had an impact on my attitude, I have been so crabby and complaining throughout this whole pregnancy-and now I'm trying to change that, so here it is:

This was about enjoying pregnancy/or NOT enjoying it. You can only guess I was in the NOT group.

QUOTE: Actually I enjoy being pregnant too.... Not because I dont hurt, lol. My back hurts so bad by the end of the night I can barely get up my stairs, and I feel like a beached whale trying to roll over in bed. My joints are all crackling and I am sure there is an eternal flame lit somewhere in my asophogus. But... the excitement of seeing that positive on a test, the secret between hubby and I that we did it again!!!, the amazement that a little soul rests right under mine, the daydreams of what this little person will look like, and will add to our family and our love, people giving you the comfy seat in a room because of your swollen belly, the movements no one else can feel but you, the fun in picking out a name a person will carry with them for life, the countdown, the folding of the itty bitty clothes, your older children resting on your belly telling someone inside that they love them, the moment you realize its the *Day*, the final stages of pushing out a little human, then the sweet soft slippery skin of a brand new person that just made you a mommy again. Looking into those little eyes, in disbelief that the Lord just blessed with you something so awesome, so great.... and having your husband say, well done honey (o: I could write a book on the stuff that follows, lol... I looove babies, I loooove children, so I guess I love being pregnant! It's hard, but I think it was probably meant to be. Being a mommy is a great sacrifice, but the rewards are so huge. A friend of mine lost her baby a few hours after birth. She did not know through the whole pregnancy that there would be any complications, but she did complain the entire time and never really enjoyed her gift, but what she learned from that whole tragic experience was just to enjoy what ever time we are given with our precious children, and that really changed my attitude because she had so wished that she would of treasured that time that she had her little girl with her instead of wishing it away. I'm not saying anyone here is doing that, that's just something she taught me and it helped me to enjoy my pregnancies more. The whole thing is just such a miracle to me.
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Let me tell you guys-this twin pregnancy is taking a major toll on me. These girls are really getting big. My midwives think they are at least 4 pounds each now and I have 7 1/2 weeks to go. I had a bladder infection last week which I'm not sure is gone now. Then I got a stomach virus Sunday. Not so fun with two babies or even one for that matter. So I didn't really eat real food for two days which is not good in a twin pregnancy at all. Now I'm getting dd's cold. My body can't fight anything off at this point. It's awful. I need to hybernate until these kids are born. Sorry for the rant, but I'm beat down right now. I don't want to have these babies early, I just want the rest of this pregnancy to be a little easier-ha!
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Kendall~ I understand how your feeling. It will get better and the next few weeks will fly by! With twin pregnancies I am not fimular how things work ,, meaning i know you are suppose to up your food intake or whatever but does that also mean you are suppose to take more then one prenatal or whatever? Maybe you could take some extra vit c? to help boost your immune system.. I couldnt imagin two babies in here so I give you alot of credit!Just keep it up and remember it will be a short while when they are here with us.
I woke up in the biggest buddle last night! My boobs have been leaking so much.. TMI i know but if i cant share it here where can i LOL.. ohh ohh ohh i have to tell you this funny... DD#2 says You got milk in your boobies for Spencer ( we have been talking ot her about it so she will understand once hes born) anyhow I say Yes Mommy has milk in there for the babies.. She stops for a sec and then goes... Well I have Orange juice in my boobies! It was the funniest thing and so darn cute.. She is really excited for him to get here. She is 3 and always rubbing on my belly and kissing it and telling Spencer she loves him.. I am gonna have to watch her after he is here. She will be trying to pick him up and carry him around! LOL maybe even give him some Orange juice!!:LOL
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