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Christy-I am on so many supplements it's crazy. I didn't up my prenatals and too much vit c can cause contractions. I do however eat a massive amount of protein including shakes and I take Floradex for iron. I also put supergreens foods in my shakes and I take all kinds of other stuff. Unfortunately it's just hard to carry 2 and it compromises your body. I know it will be over soon and that's how I get through it all. Thanks for asking. That's cute about the OJ in the boobies. Lillie ask to nurse everytime she sees me naked and she's been weaned since October. I may let her nurse when the babies get here just to help out with engorgement. I'll have to teach her all over again.
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Hey, Kendall, you're doing great!!! At your point in my twin pregnancy, I was on complete bedrest with preterm labour and all that jazz.... Hang in there, lady! I KNOW from experience it ain't easy. I often look at those who have triplets, quads, etc and think they are NUTS!!!! Therez no way I would be able to handle something like that!!!!! Thank goodness, this one is our definite LAST one. We're going to double whammy this. I'm getting tied, DH is getting snipped! Done and donner. OH sh*t, I just saw the time and I have to get the twins ready for school and get cleaned up. I'm supposed to be meeting DH for "lunch" today....:LOL. I'm serious. Just lunch.

really. We'll have Hunter with us.
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I had my Dr. appointment everything was fine my bp was 120/60 and the babies heart rate 148. my weight was 165. My next appointment isnt intil two weeks. oh and I think my oldest daughter has chicken pox we shall see she hasnt complained about itching and she isnt running a fever she just has red bumps on her face I noticed the other day she had two now she has a few more today. Iam going to see what happens.

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Hi ladies. I am thinking of talking w/ my Dr. and switching my c-section date to 1 week later than it is. I had a tour of the hospital and there is no NICU... so if baby has any problems they are air lifted to Sioux Falls which is about 1 1/2hrs. away. I have heard of babies not being quite ready yet at 38 weeks, so this is why I am worried. Also, my ds was born at 39 weeks but still had to spend a short time (a couple of hours or something) in the NICU. (I was very out of it, don't remember his first few days but that's another story.) Right now my section is scheduled for April 2nd and I would be 38.5 weeks. I think that most likely everything would be fine then, but I'm not sure if I want to take that chance. Plus, I have small babies anyways so I'm not worried about baby's size and I've had a fairly easy pg so I'm fine w/ adding another week. But, silly me is worried that since I've already told everyone the date that they will question me as to why it is changing. Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts for me that would be great! Thanks.
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Sarahmae I didnt understand why they were gonna do it so early anyhow. I would do it around the duedate. if you dont have big babies and everything else is fine at least you wouldknow at 40 weeks the baby is pretty much done!
christina!! How lucky. I have been wanting my kids to get the chicken pox!! I wanted themt o get it before the baby was here and with out risk to the baby after hes born and so small.. No luck so far! My nephew got them but not to bad cause he had the shot: They live in Indiana though so thats to far to drive for that Things going well here. Contraction contraction contraction! I have also noticed a difference in my discharge. YUMMY! : Its getting to be the more watery runny type like when you are just about time to POP... So we will see what the dr says tomorrow when i go. Maybe I will have him check to see if I am diealted or not! I am 33 weeeks. So who knows. I have a feeling this one is gonna come early and like Next month! We will see... Oh i got a box frommy mother in law today and she sent some onsies and sleepers and bibs and cloths and socks and a blanket and a stuffed toy that says the verse now i lay me down to sleep.. SO cute! Well I better get going. Dinner is almost done!
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Christymama if your contractions get worse I would go in sooner the reason I say this is because of your discharge. cant wait to hear about your Dr. appointmet for tomorrow. it is always nice to get stuff in the mail.

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Hello, all! I havent posted in at least two months, having lost the thread somewhere I'm 33wks with my second child, who has very nicely turned vertex. We plan to birth at home (again) with a lay midwife. Unfortunately, my early screen for beta strep came back positive, so I am cramming vit C and probiotics to kick it before the 37 wk screen. I really not too worried, because my water didn't break until the very end with my son, and that helps keep the odds in my favor. Staying home and skipping all internal exams does too. I sort of would like a couple cervical checks, but oh well.

I am having a really fun pregnancy this time around. By 28wks with my son, we realized we couldn't birth at the hospital here (40% csec rate), so I secretly started dual care with the midwife. Didn't tell the OB or even friends or family, so it was pretty stressful and showed in my blood pressure, etc. This time everything looks great, and we have a supportive backup doctor, so I'm really relaxed about the whole thing. I've been doing some of the hypBirthing program, but sometimes she gets so off the wall about the power of the whole universe being in my uterus that I totally lose my concentration and have to laugh We have rented a tub from aquadoula, because I spent way too much time curled up in a tiny bathtub last time, and it *stunk*

My son and I spent a couple hours in the garden this morning planting out starts of broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce. Lots more under lights upstairs. Gardening keeps me sane.

Now you know more than you ever wanted to! Good birth vibes to everyone!
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welcome back Biberin!!! Gardening sounds wonderful. I seem to kill everything I touch.. So i dont plant anything.. :LOL
I will fill ya in on my appt tomorrow mama's.. hoping i havent gained to much weight. I can tell the belly has gotten bigger though. Ya know i had a dream last night that this baby was gonna be 8 and half pounds! I woke up sore :LOL My biggest baby was 7lbs8oz at almost three weeks over. and she was 20 in a half inches long! I also noticed I havent had to many baby dreams in this pregnany. I have had a few here and there but not like before with the other pregnancies.. strange
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Christymama that sounds like me I cannot have any plants I manage to kill them everytime I donnt mean too. but they always seem to die on me my DH teases me about it all of the time.

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Really, I was fine w/ them doing it at 38.5 weeks because of course I'm axious to meet this baby and both my brothers and myself were all born at 38 weeks and were fine. But then I hear these stories and such. What really worries me is that there is no NICU at my hospital! So, I think I will talk w/ my Dr. about it and get his opinion. I will probably try to reschedule for about 39.5 weeks instead.
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Hi!~ Appt went well. I gained another 2 pounds: Heartrate was fast it was in the 160's and it had been in the 140's But they didnt seem to be alarmed.. He was moving around though so that could be why it was higher.. He has moved and now in head down position! YEA~~~ He checked my cervix to make sure I wasnt dialated he said every thing looks good. So thats great ..Had my GSB test. I reminded him that I was Pos with the other two babies he said he knows just wants to make sure and we are gonna do the treatment anyone in labor.. Makes me more confortable.. I go back in two weeks and then its every week! Time is coming near!! Hope you are all well
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Good for you Christy! Glad your appointment went well. I won't be seeing the midwife again until the 16th of March. After that it will only be a few weeks away from my date. Yeah! We are all getting so close.
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Sarahmae, the reason they do c-sections at 38-39 wks vs 40 weeks is to prevent you from going into labor. I practically begged my dr to let me go into labor and then section me (better for the babe) but he said that the first *real* labor contrax are prime time for uterine rupture. So, that's all I know about that.

Christymama, you really should watch that weight gain... NOT!!! :LOL

Ah, gardening. I just need plants that can handle massive neglect. I used to have a gazillion plants that were beautiful. Then I had twins... No more plant babies for me. They (the twins) also tend to rip out whatever I've planted. Fun for the whole family!!!

Well, we finally got this 'puter up and running... It's awesome. DS1, Connor, is going to be quite pleased when he gets home. Not only did I find five Pokemon books at Half Price Books yesterday, I also bought him the new Harry Potter Quidditch computer game. However, since it is a gorgeous day, I won't tell him 'till after he plays outside for at least an hour!!! :LOL

Christina, I'm glad you're feeling well and your babe is doing well. I feel like I'm going to split wide open any second now. I have a Doc appointment in one week, so we'll see!

I gotta go and clean up before the chitlins get home (kiddos). See ya...Wouldn't mind being ya!!!!

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LOL goodwillhunter you are always cracking me up! I have gained a total of 15 or 16 pounds now: looks like i am doing about a pound a week here lately.. if i keep on this pace I will gain about 21-22 pound not to shabby!.. Well anyhow it has to be all baby because i have in creased in eating . In fact nothing ever sounds yummy to eat .. Unlike with the girls you had to remove the fridge from my mouth!:LOL
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Thanks for the "compliment?" Just kidding, really... I like to laugh. Life is much more interesting if you laugh. I have ensconced the kiddos in front of the TV after I kicked them outside for 2 hours (I was out there, too!). I just had to hang up all the "hang up" clothing before supper got here. The other moms outside were talking about pizza, so, of course I had to order some. yummy in my tummy. We're having a pepperoni pizza (gee, who knew?) and one for me called the tomato duet. It has fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, pesto sauce and feta cheese (DH always calls it "fetid" cheese...:LOL.

I just cleaned all of the downstairs of our house. I can't get my belly up the stairs without crawling (just kidding, but it certainly feels that way) so I'm waiting to clean up there untill this Saturday when DH is home all day and so am I. Then I can just sit up there and sort thru the kid's toys. AGAIN.

Duncan is asking for "cookie nuts." I have no clue what that is. At all. I keep asking him if he wants coconuts. He says, "yes." Like I'm gonna go out and get those. Not on your life. Messy and, well, I don't like dealing with 'em. Yep, just thought I'd check in....

Checking in.

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I have gained a total of 15 or 16 pounds now
Wow, you ladies are doing great. I'm starting to feel like a whale hearing how little you all have gained. I have gained 21lbs (i'm just at 33 weeks). I gained 34lbs with my first...came right under the suggested 25-35lb!

It's funny how people view your size though...just this week i had one lady say, "wow, you're TINY!" and another lady say, "Wow, you're so BIG!" : most of the time i feel right about how i think i should. except when i'm trying to get out of bed in the morning....then i feel like a giant tortoise trying to turn itself over! :LOL
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afternoon ladies.. Today things are going well. Alot of baby movement/ Ever since my appt yesterday I have been thinking about the babys heartrate.. It was in the 160's yesterday.. It has been in the 140's for months.. Now when i was there he was movving around so that could bring his heartrate up right? Do you think the sudden jump should be somethign i should be concerned about. Or am i just being a worry wart? I feel fine and he has been moving alot. So thats good things right.. Sometimes i read way to much into things.. Well I hope you are all doing well today mama's...
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Christymama Dont be worried if your ob isnt worried you shouldnt be worried eiether. both of my girls heartrate went up to about that range at some point and they are fine. SO DONT STRESS OVER IT.

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