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My girls both had heart rates at about 160's all through out my pregnancy. I just thought it was kinds strange that this ones has been in the 140s and now is in the 160's my Dh said he better not turn out to be a girl LOL. he been waiting for a son forever.. I said well the penis just didnt fall off.. :LOL
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Hi everyone what is everyone up to for this weekend Iam going to start spring cleaning and getting rid of stuff I havent mention this yet but I maybe moving this summer out of state actually out east Massasuets Iam nervoius about the move but I know it will be better for us. so now I have to go through stuff and start getting rid of stuff I wanted to start potty training Kimberly but I think Ill wait intil after are move. Ill have alot on my plate with the new baby and moving so I think it would be easier to wait to potty train Kimberly when we are settled. this weekend Iam also going to my mil to get the bassanet I canot wait. I may also wash up Chloe diapers. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Hey, Christy, maybe Spenser saw something that interested him.. You never know. Nor will you ever know!!! I think Spenser is peachy keen.

Well, today, after practically killing myself to clean the house, I felt AWFUL! DH always smiles and says "Serves ya right! You shouldn't be trying to do so much!" Yeah, whatever. Like the house is going to miraculously clean itself. I know he'd help, but I don't like the way he does things... Just one of those anal retentive things.

Anyway, I'm fine, now. I got two more boxes of Girl Scout cookies today. A girl scout who is homeschooled takes advantage of the Friday crowds at Wal-Mart (ick. I hate Wal Mart, but that is where DH got his new lenses for his glasses). Smart smart chica (girl). Soooo.... There ya go. I came home and tried to bribe Hunter to take a nap before the other kiddos got home, but no such luck...since my mom rang the doorbell and semi-woke us up. She did come bearing gifts, tho. Some meat, some cereal, things like that. She goes grocery shopping once a month at the air force base here and the food is waaaay cheaper than the grocer's. So, she brings us expensive items like that...

I made meatloaf, broccoli and cauliflower, and fresh corn on the cob for dinner. Duncan at it ALL. TWICE. Hunter ate 4 ears of corn. We don't call him the shoveler for nothing... My best friend came over with her little boy. She's all in a tizzy for some gala she's got to go to, since her mum is organizing it all. I told DH I'm glad we're poor and trashy :LOL. We don't have to go to things like that. I mean, we'd stand around for 20 minutes, bored, and then leave.

I'm sorry I'm rambling, but I'm beat. I"m going to get some cookies and go to BED!!!! Night night.
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well, i have been anxiously awaiting this weekend...dh and i are going away for a night ALONE for the first time since ds was born!! i am so excited. we are staying at this beautiful place on the coast between santa cruz and half moon bay. we totally can't afford it (i slipped and allowed our checking account to get overdrawn by $150 today!!! ), but we never spend money on splurges like that and i figured it was a justifiable luxury. it will probably be another 3 years before we get to do it again!

and, get this, i was visiting a friend this afternoon and i called dh's cell to see where he was at. he said he was just leaving our house (at 5:30pm). i asked him why he had come home so early, and he said he was hoping i would be there since he had a late function tonight. then he says...."oh, and i cleaned the house." i say, "really?" he says, "yeah, and i folded the laundry too." me: "YOU DID? did you even put it away??" him: "yeah, most of it. i didn't know where the sheets went though." me: he scored some MAJOR points today!!

have a great weekend, mamas!
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OOOHhhh..someone is going to be verrrrry happy this weekend, no? :LOL

I'm going to a boy scout function this afternoon...This morning I am going to La Madeline's for breakfast... then I'm going grocery shopping. Lucky me.

See ya!
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Morning mama's!
Well last night there was a suprise shower for me. It was sweet. all the officers my dh works with wives threw it for me and so i really had only met these women once and a few I had never met at all. It started at 630 and we didnt leave there until about 1030 lol.. The women had the house and the men were all out in the garage area with the kids There was lots and lots of foods and cake and games... I kept getting told I wasnt very big: Then i also found out it takes 11 squares of Tolite paper to go around me and my big ol belly! LOL I felt uncomfortable at first being there because I didnt know these women.. But i left feeling very touched and overwhelemed and like I finally had some friends here.. It was nice! Got lots of little things like a tub and cloths and spoons and things like that and a nice photo album and sleepers and onsies and all kinds of things.. It was sweet.. Anyhow I just need to get the matress to the crib and a high chair and we are pretty much set.. woohoo woohoo.. i am excited.. I have a few boxes still coming. One from my mom and one from my best friend from high school.. Cant wait.. Sounds like you are gonna have a fun time on your date!!!! You go girl.. Good thing our already pregnant
well mamas have to clean clean clean today .. have a friend of dh coming to stay the weekend havent seen him since Alexia was ohh 2 and shes is 7 now.. Take care and have fun!!
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I keep having the feeling that something is going to happen soon and, so, I'm on my toes. Kinda. As much as I can be on my toes! I went to brekkie yesterday at La Madeline's French Bakery and Cafe. Then I went and spent waaaaaay too much on groceries (you should never never never let a pregnant woman go grocery shopping on a budget! ) I came home and my parents came by to see the kids (it's been a while since my dad had seen them) and then, I crashed hard for 3 hours!!!! We went to the boy scout function and by the end of it, I was grouchy, tired, and headachy (I mean, think of it 50 boys ranging in age from 5 - oh, say, 11 on a sugar high...!!!!!!) I thought I was gonna die!

We went home, I played my game on the 'puter for about 10 minutes, got the kiddos changed in to PJs and, well, I went to bed at 815PM. DH followed at 830PM. I couldn't believe it! We were all in bed, asleep before 9PM. Man, what a laugh!

DH keeps on saying that it will be easier after the baby comes. I agree wholeheartedly because I won't hurt, won't be tired...wait, of course I will! Except, well, and I know this is kinda taboo around this site..., I'll have prescription PAIN KILLERS! Thank you, GOD! C-sections are no fun to recover from. If ya don't have to have one, don't! Also, I'll have someone else to cook, clean, and keep up with the older munchkins.

Duncan (DS2) was especially cute yesterday. He saw ICE CREAM!!! He ice cream. Then, he saw, at the boy scout dealy, CAKE! Oh, I think he about split in two... :LOL He's too cute. The other day, I had dressed his twin, Natalie, in a really cute outfit and she was a looker! She went up to him and asked him, "Dun (that's her name for him) am I pretty?" Duncan, being male, didn't answer. She put her hands on her hips and said, exasperatedly, "DUN, AM I PRETTY?!!!" Duncan looks at her and says in the sweetest voice, "OOooooooo, Pretty!" I just couldn't stop laughing. It was tooo funny.

That's all, ladies. I'm at work, so I'll be here (on the board till 3) There's not much else to do here. All I do is monitor alarms and answer the phone. Sigh. Definitely not too intensive!

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awww hello ladies.. Well Dh friend is here. We havent seen him in years. about 5! He is still sweet and shy and funny as can be LOL.. Hes is staying through tuesday.. The girls love him. Hes a big ol teddy bear LOL.. Its always funny to see how men with out kids react to kids He went with dh to work. So he will be doing a ridealong all day.. He will get to see what dh does all day which is something different then he does. He is a cop to but he works with the sheriffs department and dh works for the state. Alot of politics with the counties department.. : ANYHOW!
ACID REFLUX HAS LANDED! I was up all night last night.. Everytime i would drift off to sleep I would wake up coughing up acid YUMMY! SO i would get up and pop some tums in ! My back is all achy and i have the poopps today ! its a beautiful day today huh LOL. I know you love that pretty picture i just painted for ya !:LOL
Oh man Lisa I think i would be a little on edge after the boy scouts too! WOW.. Well tomorrow is March !!! Look for the new thread then! time is ticking away!!!!!!
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Christy, I'm tellin' ya, Pepcid Complete is the only way to go.

Adam has the hiccups. Poor kiddo. I keep on feeling a thump thump thump. :LOL
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Hey ya know what i heard the other day!! Spencer had the hiccups and someone goes oh the baby is growing! I said what they were like when you have the hiccups that means the baby is growing! LOL...:LOL Some of the things people tell ya!! : I may have to go check out the pepcid ac lisa! Its safe with pregnancy right.. 5 weeks to go hey 5 weeks to go hey!
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My baby hiccups all the time! Is very active too... more squirming now than kicking though.

Re: Acid Reflux... My Dr. recommended Prilosec OTC. It works really well.
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The only reason I didn't go for the Prilosec is that it was EXPENSIVE! Some days, I don't have the reflux, others, I do. It really depends on what I eat. When I was at the store a few weeks ago, I bought some Maalox and on the bottle, it had a free coupon for pizza. Like I'm gonna eat pizza when I'm dying of reflux. Nice marketing. If you eat pizza, you'll use more Maalox. If you use more Maalox, you'll buy more Maalox.

Hey, I didn't take marketing classes for nothing. I know when I'm being manipulated! (as I send in the coupon for the free pizza...) Hey, it's free! :LOL

Now, I'm eating my way through a box of Girl Scouts Thin Mints. Yummy.
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today Iam 32 weeks along moving right along only 6 more weeks intil they induce me and I cant wait. Chloe was really moving alot this morning my DH goes does she always move that much in the morning and I go yep. he thought it was neat. he cannot wait eiether. today Iam just going to relax and watch movies with my girls while my DH is working on his car in the Garage. we rented Lion King 1/2 an two movies for me one is Radio and the other I dont remember. well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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Hey, there, Christina, we're just truckin' along, no? Let me know how the Lion King 2 1/2 goes. I've kinda been wanting to see it. Maybe I'll rent it on the way home. The bathroom humour should get my kids laughing. And we'll have chicken nuggets and mixed veggies for supper. Ice cream to follow. Maybe some homemade brownies
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GoodwillHunter My daughter loves the lion king 11/2 she asked to watch again it is a cute movie. ya we are moving right along when are they going to do your c-section? Iam shooting for April 15 to get induced. we shall see what the doctor says. well have a great day.

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I am supposed to have a c-section on April 21st. Ish. Like you, though, I may be having the baby early. My last two pregnancies ended at 36 weeks, so I'm praying for an April 1st baby. Not really, but, hey, it'll do for me!!!!

Hope you're feeling well.
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I bet you get so tired of being pregnant and all you want is the baby out I so feel that way now but I know she has to cook a little bit longer plus I want her to be healthy.

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Yeah, DH and I are getting ready to tell little Adam he needs to find a house of his own...:LOL. DH is tired of me hurting all the time, or being tired, or dragging my poor carcass all over the house looking miserable while house cleaning. I just got an idea, tho. He needs to go to his friend's house to check on that guy's computer (he says he fried his motherboard). I'm gonna make DH help me clean before he goes anywhere. I can't stand a dirty house. EVER!

I do know Adam needs to cook a bit more, I wouldn't want him to come today, but I do want to quit work so I can just be at home. Can't Wait. March 28th and I'm done!!!!!!

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5 weeks left!!! I am gonna be induced as well But not a c-section. Baby is head down now yea! ~ I was scared there for a bit.. I never had a c-section and i didnt want to start! But I am being induced for fast labors and I live a hour and half away from the dr and hospital.. The way there is all interstate through the desert. So if i was to have that kid on the way we would be screwed.: So he is gonna induce me the week of the 7th sometime. It depends of course on how my cervix and everything is. So far things look peachy! Just gotta keep it that way! Wow time is really going isnt it.. March is here and soon it will be spring. Going tomorrow to get me a boppy pillow.. woohoo woohoo.. hes been rolling and wiggling all day long. I think its all that damn jerky i have eaten today! : Poor kid. sent dh to the store we are out of cheese and we are having some BBQ ribs and cheese potatos corn and dinner rolls and a toss salad for dinner YUM i also said PICK UP SOME CHOCOLATE while your there. LOL.. ohh i forgot i had a kitkat in my purse he baught me last night better go eat that before he and the kids get home LOL... BYE!
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i'm baaaack....

hello everyone ~

dh and i are back from our romantic night away....it was EXQUISITE! ds (2 1/2) didn't even blink when we told him we were going away for the night either. i was so ready to leave feeling heartbroken...expecting that he would be so upset.

the place we stayed was beautiful with stunning views of both coast and green hills. our cabin had a cozy fireplace and we spent the late afternoon eating warm french bread and goat cheese from a local bakery and goat farm. YUM! then we sat on a wooden swing bench and watched the sunset over the ocean. had a light dinner and went back to the cabin for more lounging and adult fun. we had to get a bit creative due to the horrendous pains of this pregnancy, but don't you worry, we managed just fine!!

i even got to sleep in this morning in our super comfy bed. BLISS! i'm feelin good today...

thanks for letting me share my excitement with you.
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