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Tampa Bay Delayed Vax?

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I am expecting baby #1 Mid Feb!

I am looking for a pediatrician that is open to a delayed vax schedule. We choose not to vaccinate until 1 yr, possibly 2 yrs old. And then only selected vax, if any. Do you know of a pediatrician who accepts Tricare?

I've also been told not to tell the pediatrician ahead of time that we aren't vaccinating and just deny the vax as they offer them. Any experience with this?

I have no problem standing my ground once I am in. But I am having a hard time finding a pedi who will even accept us as a patient.

Any help is appreciated.
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I'm also from Tampa and had the hardest time finding a pediatrician. I delivered my first at a birthing center and declined the Vitamin K and eye ointment...no pediatrician in Tampa would take me.
I finally went to my midwives and they recommended Danuta Jackson at Better Health Medical Center. She's in Clearwater, so it's a little bit of a drive, but she's SOOO worth it. She is always understanding and she'll give you her opinion without any judgement if you don't go with it. There can be a bit of a wait at the office, but she'll spend as much time with you as you need. She never rushes you if you have any concerns or questions.
Her number is (727) 781-1312.
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My pediatrician is fine with delayed/no vax - they only ask that you have a religious exemption on file. His name is Jeth Salomon and he's located in St. Pete. His number is 727-381-5467.
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Should have included this in my earlier post - I don't know what your birth plan is, but he was also fine with us having a home birth. His mom was a midwife, so he's very familiar and comfortable with the idea of birthing outside of a hospital environment.

Also, congratulations!
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Dr Stephen Kargas. He is amazing. I find him kind, gentle and a wonderful doctor. I always can be seen if my daughter needs it. We refused a few vax and he gave me his position on it and then said "you're the mom. you're call". I first started going to him when my daughter was 2 and when he found out I was still nursing her he praised me and said not enough women do this. I asked him how long did he promote breastfeeding and he said until you and the baby wanted to stop. When I went in there when my daughter was 3 still breastfeeding he still didn't bat an eye. The receptionists are wonderful. Meri the PA is a gem.
There office is rather religious. There are pictures with the lords prayer on there and Dr Kargas is a very Christian man, so for those of you who are not into that, I guess it could be considered a deterrant. But I am not Christian and neither is my husband and we never felt out of place.

He accepts homebirth babies and from what I heard, he caught his last baby at home ( I don't think his wife made it in time).

They take Medicaid and lots of other insurances.

When my daughter had croup, most other places were really quick to give out steriods for the cough. He gave me natural remedies to try and if those didn't work we would go with the meds.
I can't say enough about him. I really like him. We might differ on some things, but he doesn't talk down to me and he gives his professional opinion and lets me decide.
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I second Dr. Jackson, when we lived on the west coast, my children were her patients. She was wonderful!
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We have been going to Jay Patel in New Tampa. My daughter was born at Breath of Life birth center in Clearwater and Dr. Patel had no problem with that. We have also been doing delayed/selective vacs and have had no questioning/problems whatsoever. On our first visit the nurses actually asked if we would be immunizing our daughter. I'm not sure how great he is with breastfeeding support, though. I don't mean he doesn't support breastfeeding in general, but I'm not sure how educated he is on dealing with any feeding problems.
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Dr. Jackson is awesome. Been with her for 7 years. She has never given us a hard time for not vaxing and she came to our house after the birth of each of our children (home birth). Her wait is a little long but that's because you feel like she is with you the entire time; no foot out the door, kwim? Oh, and she gives you her cell number and we have used it at 4 a.m. and she answers. enough said!
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Was just searching for prenatal info and came across this- we have a vax friendly pedi in Tampa but had to sign a release stating both risk and benefits. If anyone needs someone closer in PM me and I'll share.
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This may or may not be of concern to you, but just thought I'd mention that Danuta Jackson is a Scientologist.
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