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Our Halloween Pumpkin

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Introducing our little Halloween pumpkin - baby girl, Brielle Lynn!

Friday was my last day of work until January so I wanted to go out to one of my favorite restaurants to "celebrate." I ordered some extra spicy food and had a great meal with my family. We came home and got the boys in bed. Then DH and I spent some "quality time" together. By 10:00 p.m. I felt light contractions, but they had some slight pain with them so I knew they were different than the BH contractions I had been having all along. I watched some t.v. and tried to relax. At 11:11 p.m. I had a contraction that I felt was pretty big so I started to accept that this is probably it. Contractions kept going throughout the night, but never fell into a pattern that I could time and I never had any bloody show (totally different than my other labors, which had patterned contractions). I kept thinking that maybe this wasn't it, but the contractions were so powerful. At 1:30 I woke up DH and we got things organized for the boys and I packed some last minute things in my hospital bag. My MIL arrived around 4:00 a.m. and I was having more and more contractions. They would come steady at 2 minutes apart for a good 20 minute chunk - then nothing for awhile. It was such a weird labor. We finally decided to leave for the hospital and got there around 5:00 a.m. I was only 3 cm and a little disappointed, but I got in the shower and did a little nipple stim to help things move along. My nurse was great - read my birth plan carefully and agreed to let me do everything on my own. She let the midwife know I had arrived. After the shower I tried various positions to deal with the contractions. Mostly I sat on a birth ball and leaned over the side of the bed. Later in the morning my midwife came in to check on me. She wanted to break my water (I think because she was tired and wanted to hurry things along). I knew there was no need to intervene so I declined. She walked out of the room - obviously mad about my decision. I was taken back, but knew I needed to concentrate on my labor and not worry about her. Between 11:30 a.m. and noon the nurse checked me and said I was 7 cm. Contractions still hadn't fallen into a pattern and I'd have long breaks in between so I was able to rest a little. Shortly after the nurse checked me I felt a ton of pressure and knew it was time. I screamed and she went flying out of the room and was back in seconds with the midwife. I was lying on my side and couldn't move due to the extreme amount of pressure. She had my DH lift up my top leg. I gave two or three pushes and out came our baby! No one said anything, so finally I had to ask if it was a boy or a girl. DH and the midwife both said "girl" and I could not believe it!
Brielle Lynn was born at 12:33 p.m. on Halloween, weight 7 pounds 12 ounces, and measuring 20 1/4 inches. She is beautiful and great at nursing. We left the hospital when she was 24 hours old and have been loving her up ever since! My last two births have proven to me that beautiful natural births are possible, even in the hospital!
Here are some pictures
Best of luck to all the November mamas!
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What a great birth story!! She is gorgeous and LOVE the birthing necklace!

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That is the cutest little pumpkin I've ever seen! Congratulations!
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Congrats to you- enjoy your babymoon!
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Many Congrats and Happy babymoon. Great birth story!
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A BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you mama! Happy babymoon!
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Welcome Brielle

And good for you for sticking to what you felt was right, even in labor. So glad you had the kind of birth that was right for you and your baby!
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Congrats! She's beautiful! I love the pic with her big brothers...
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She is beautiful! And I love her name.

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Congratulations! She is absolutley precious!
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Awww! Congrats! I am loving all these 'nothing-was-regular-wasn't-sure-this-was-really-it' birth stories!
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She's beautiful! Congratulations to you!
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Congratulation on your sweet little Halloween gift!!!
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Congratulations on beautiful baby Brielle!! Welcome to the world, baby girl!
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Beautiful baby. Congratulations!
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Welcome little girl! I am just loving ALL the names the Nov. mamas have chosen, including Brielle! Congrats!
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