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Today is the day!

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Contractions 3-5 minutes apart, filling up the birth pool now! So excited to meet my baby girl!
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Good luck!

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Yay! Wishing you well!
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Yay! Have a wonderful labor.
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Yay! Thinking of you...
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Sending good and fast birthing vibes.
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Good Luck!
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Woohoo! Go mama!
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yay fast easy labor vibes!
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good luck mama I hope your labor and birthing are just how you imagined it to be
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Good luck! I hope you have a quick and easy labor!
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How exciting!
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Thinking of you Stephanie!!! I can't wait to meet that baby girl either!
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Have fun!!
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Oh cool, you could be holding or pushing a baby out right now! How cool!
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