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He's here!

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Born Tuesday night after over 30 hours of back labour, but still managed an unmedicated hospital birth! Baby Finley weighs 7 lbs 10 oz, and he looks a lot like his big brother. Birth story later...
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You are my hero! 30 hours with back labor...
Welcome baby Finley!
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Way to go! Congrats and welcome to your new little boy!
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Wow! You are a superwoman! Congratulations!
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whoa mama, 30 hours?~?~ you rock. welcome baby finley!
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Great job, Mama! Congratulations on your new little boy! Welcome to the world, Finley!
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No kidding superwoman!! Welcome little Finley. Congratulations!
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congratulations and welcome to your baby boy!
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Way to go! Congrats!!
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Wow congrats!
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Wow, you will be my inspiration when I start thinking the going is getting tough!

Congratulations on your baby boy!
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Congratulations, you're a trooper mama!!!
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Way to go mama!! Congratulations on your new little one.
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yay!!!!!!!! way to go!!!!!
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Congrats on your little one!!
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Hooray that your back labor is over!! And congratulations on Baby Finley!

(I had back labor with DD, NO FUN!! Extra congrats to you for doing it without pain meds!)
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