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Schools in south bay?

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Right now we're living in Albany which has decent public schools. I'm spending my 2L summer at a firm in Menlo Park and hope to receive a permanent offer from them. I've tried just googling, but am not finding a great reference. Of those areas surrounding Menlo Park, which has decent public schools? Or does anyone know of a website that evaluates public schools?
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Palo Alto has the best public schools in the area and is right next door.

It's also a pretty expensive town to live in.
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Menlo Park itself has great public schools as well.

You may want to also check out San Carlos school district. Redwood City's school district isn't great overall, but there are a few good options if you are in that district - Adelante is a Spanish immersion school that I have heard great things about and there is a "gifted" school that kids have to test to get into (Roy Cloud, maybe) that I have heard mixed things about - all agree it is very strong academically, but maybe too competitive, etc. In San Mateo/Foster City is another school district that is mixed overall, but has a couple of schools that I always hear great things about - Baywood and is one of them.

greatschools.net is a good starting point. It gives you the scores and ratings as well as parent reviews.
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Thanks for the tips!
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