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Anyone try an Action Baby SSC?

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Seems like maybe too good to be true to find a SSC that is only $89... It looks along the lines of a Beco, Pikkolo, AngelPack.
I like the huge flap-down hood.. looks like great coverage for nursing, and this carrier says its good from newborn and up.

Any experience with it? I know it's kind of new compared to other brands.
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Hi!!! :-D

I just saw this post and saw that no one answered- so I can answer a few of your questions. First- the Beco, Pikkolo and hte AngelPack are all SSC but all very different- even from one another. The Beco's new design esp. The Pikkolo does not have a padded hip belt- it is a different style hip belt than say an ergo, beco or AP or Action Baby. Yes the Action Baby does have a hood that is large enough to keep the sun off of little ones.

Oh and two more things! Yes $89 is true (we can keep our cost down because we own our manufacturing facility here in the USA) and we have been selling this carrier model for over 2 years. So it is not that new on the market!

:-D I hope that helped!
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We had an ABC for DS2 when he was an infant. I loved the carrier, but found that the waist wasn't very supportive once he hit about 20lbs at about 15 months old. It was my second favorite carrier for a small baby after the Yamo, but I definitely found that other carriers worked better for us once he was about a year old.
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I was also amaze by the price of ABC, they even give discounts that drop the price down to $50-$75,..and some contest in their FB. I'm still not experienced in using ABC but I think their brand is great.  I am already waiting for my Action Baby Carrier..and I'm excited to used it with my baby in my next shopping schedule!. joy.gif

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