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The Surprisingly Speedy Waterbirth of Sona Mae *pics added*

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I had prodomal labor that started on Tuesday night (that morning I suspect I started to spring a "slow leak"). By the weekend, I had mentally settled into a place of being prepared for another week or two of sleepless nights filled with irregular contractions - although with each night they continued to get more and more intense, and I wondered how much more I could really take!

Saturday, we had a laidback Halloween filled with puddle splashing and coloring. By late that evening, I thought I was getting a break from the prodomal labor b/c by 10 or 11 I had only had a couple of weak contractions. I went to bed with high hopes for decent sleep, but laying on my side brought on strong contractions that were too hard to deal with in that position. So I resigned myself to being up for a while waiting until they it was late enough that either they would stop or I would be tired enough to fall asleep despite them.

Contractions fell into their usual irregular pattern and were strong but I was working through them pretty well. (Senator was asleep with the girls, so I was just hanging out in our room and the bathroom) At some point, they started getting intense enough that I was a little nervous to be alone with no one knowing what was going on, but there was still no regular pattern. I'd have some 3-5 minutes apart, but then a longer break, then a close one that wasn't very strong... so I wasn't at all convinced that I was in labor.

Around 3 am, everything intensified. Contractions were regularly 3-5 minutes apart, more often 3, and very intense. My body was even starting to give tiny involuntary pushes at the end of one. However, since shortly before I hadn't believed I was even in labor - I had trouble believing that this was truly active labor and not just going to stop at any minute like it had the previous nights.

I made a bowl of cereal and worked through another couple contractions, then I picked up my phone deciding that I should probably call my mw. But I held the phone in my hand through 3 or 4 more contractions - still totally doubting that this was it. During a contraction, I would think "this is crazy, I need to call NOW" but in between I felt totally calm and like "well, I'd hate to wake her if it's a false alarm..."

At about 3:45am I finally called and let her know what was up, we agreed to head to the birth center and just check things out. I woke Senator and told him we were meeting Betty at 4:30 and very confused, he got up and started to get ready. We sent his mom in to lay with the girls and his dad got up and started praying for us as we headed out. STILL, I thought - oh man, if this isn't it... I've just set myself up to be watched like a timebomb for the next week... Ugh, maybe I shouldn't have called yet...

Ok, so we're in the car on the way to the birth center and I'm telling Senator how embarrassed I'll be if contractions stop by the time Betty gets there or how frustrated I'll be if I'm only at 2 cm or something. We get there a few minutes before the mw, so we just pace around the parking lot b/c standing feels ten times better than sitting in the car through contractions.

Betty shows up and we all go inside. She starts getting things together and says that she'll check me whenever I'm ready. So she checks and says "Yeah... I'm glad you came in... You're 9 cm. When your water breaks, you're gonna have a baby." I was shocked and relieved. With the twin's birth, dilation slowed around 6 or 7 cm and we started doing squats during contractions to help move things along for an hour or two so by the time I was finally at 9 cm, I was just totally beat. Here I was at 9 cm this time still trying to talk myself into the fact that I was in labor! In fact as she doing paperwork at some point she asked me what time the ctx got regular and I said 3 am... that was only an hour and a half prior! I asked her to fill the birth tub (I had been interested in using it with the girls, but with labor slowing and stalling and other concerns, we all decided that it wasn't the best idea to risk slowing things in the tub) and as soon as there was enough water for me to sit in, I jumped in and didn't get out!!! I am now the biggest advocate for waterbirths that you've ever met! My contractions went from being tons of pressure, intense back pain, and hard core cramping all around - to nothing more than pressure. I was talking and laughing in between ctx and during them I would just close my eyes and try to let my body relax into what it was already doing.

Once we were all settled and the tub was full and the birth assistant had arrived, Betty told me that if I was feeling pushy at all (which I was but the water felt so darn good...) that my water would probably break if I were to bear down a little with a ctx and she felt confident that baby would be born shortly after that. But she also reassured me that there was no rush and I should just listen to my body and she was totally content to watch and wait. I "relaxed" through a few more ctx and my body continued to give little involuntary pushes, after a short while I started testing the waters with pushing, giving gentle extra pushes with each ctx and it did actually feel kind of good. With each contraction I'd push just a little harder until finally *pop* I felt my bag of waters break - it seemed to relieve so much pressure!

At that time, Senator announced that he had to go to the bathroom, so he left the room and not a minute later a contraction hit and I was doing some serious pushing... I mean the primal noises, no stopping it, baby is coming *now* pushing. Betty calls out to Senator to warn him that he's going to miss it and I'm like "yeah right" b/c I pushed for around an hour each with the girls. He's back by the second pushing contraction and Betty informs me that I could have her on my chest with the next contraction if I wanted to. If I hadn't believed her, pushing would have lasted a lot longer I think. The ring of fire was much stronger than I remember and there was definite hesitation on my part whenever I would hit that point. But I did believe her and through the next two contractions I pushed beyond what I was scared to push and sure enough... she was born. Her chest was a 1/2 inch bigger than her head so I had to continue to push her body out - weird - but she was born and lifted right out of the water and onto my chest where she promptly cuddled and fell asleep... absolutely breathtaking.

We got a towel to rub her with and they listened to her heartbeat and she stayed just as cozy as ever. After a few minutes, Senator took her and we started to drain the tub and get the bed ready. (We'd discussed moving to the bed to wait for the placenta.) As soon as the water was gone, and the bed was ready, my placenta was delivering! Betty joked that it was much easier to clean up after this way and I got a good look at my placenta this time - aren't they incredible?

Then I moved to the bed and we commenced with all the afterbirth stuff - Sona's exam, repairing my tears (2nd and partial 3rd degree ), checking my vitals, etc. But the whole time was totally dictated by Senator and I. We just stayed in bed and cuddled and Betty did everything in whatever order and whatever time we wanted. The whole experience was just sublime. I never felt rushed or bullied or pressured into anything. And we were home by noon that day to rest and enjoy our new baby.

So, welcome Sona Mae! November 1st, 2009 at 6:37 am
10 lbs 9.5 oz and 22 3/4 inches
15 inch head and 15 1/2 inch chest

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that was totally gorgeous to read! Congratulations, mama!
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What a huge healthy baby! Congrats! I am super impressed with your birth and hope mine goes the same way, although I'd like to not have any tears
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Congrats! It was lovely reading your birth story.
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What an amazing birth story! I'm glad you had such a great experience.
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That was so beautiful! That is the stuff my dreams are made of. Congrats!
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Wow, your mw sounds amazing! Such a nice story to read, too.
Welcome to baby Sona , oh, I bet she has some sweet Chubby Cheeks!! (Totally getting baby hungry over here!)
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Beautiful story! Congrat's!
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Oh for goodness sakes, those CHEEKS!!! Ahhh!!! Cuteness overload!
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Congrats! Ds's chest was bigger than his head and I too had to wrk at pushing out his body- it was weird!
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Many congrats- what a big baby!
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Oh I loved your birth story! What strength you have mama. And congrats you sona mae she is beautiful.
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Beautiful story!! I'm feeling so inspired. Enjoy your sweet little one!
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check out the hair too!
what a great great story!! congrats to you and your sweet family.
i always love the pics of sibs giving gentle kisses to new babies ohhhhh!
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What a fabulous birth story!! And Sona is just gorgeous- I love all the hair!! :
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I love your story! The pictures are beautiful! Congrats!!!
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Lovely story and gorgeous baby!!!
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Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!
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