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Originally Posted by shakenbake View Post
my first was 7'7 and my 2nd was 8 "13 he did have some trouble comeing out as well
but he did come out so you have a proven pelvis. There's no reason to induce at all! Stick to your guns on this one and insist that he practice according to ACOG guidelines and medical EVIDENCE.

Originally Posted by notjustmamie View Post
Did you know the official ACOG recommendation for "big babies" say that unless you suspect that the babe is 11 lbs or more you're supposed to leave them alone? From the stories I've heard/read, you'd think that a "big baby" was anything over 8 lbs!

Also, do you know what the difficulty was with your second? From what I understand, most problems are caused by position rather than size.
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Don't let him do another vag exam and say no to induction. You can do this!!! I know how hard it is to fight, but you'll be upset afterwards if you don't fight. And everyone is right, there really isn't anything to "fight". You are in control. Just calmly and firmly say "no thank you."
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not sure if this was added here yet, it's about the balsamic vinaigrette. - from what i've read about it there is a special salad that you eat and it induces labor, but the vinaigrette is what really does it for you? no idea if it really works though. i had made chicken before hearing about this in the balsamic vinaigrette with lemon and pepper, and i guess it didn't do anything for me! unless you're supposed to consume it a certain way. SO, it's a salad that does it for you.

Some women swear by eating egg plant, some by eating pineapple, some spicy foods, some labor salad...

Equal parts of:
Romaine lettuce
Red Cabbage

Chop and toss together. Sprinkle with balsamic vinaigrette (1 part balsamic vinegar, 3 parts extra virgin olive oil). Garnish with crumbled Pasteurized Gorgonzola cheese.
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i have been eating spicey foods not something i do normaly nothing yet! ill try the vin thanks ladys!
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Just wanted to say-the big difference between checking yourself/having sex and a doctor checking you is the type of bacteria. The flora on your (washed) hands and on your husbands penis is something your body is accustomed to. The chances of it making you sick are very very small. Also concider that a penis doesn't enter your cervix at all, whereas during a cervical check they may be sticking their fingers IN the cervix.

The flora on a doctors hands, the gloves he wears, etc are not the same as what you find in your own home. In fact, some of the germs at a doctors office or hospital are downright scary. Even so, its just the general germs we aren't accustomed to that can cause an infection. Yes, they wash their hands (hopefully!) and they put on gloves but as someone else said, those aren't sterile gloves and they aren't usually terribly cautious while putting them on, so you still end up with all sorts of non-normal flora being pushed into your cervix.

Btw, even a papertowel has an insane amount of germs on it-we did stuff in microbiology where we prepared plates before and after washing our hands. My after looked worse than the before (WAAAAY WORSE!) and at first we couldn't figure out why. Then we realized that I actually dried my hands with a papertowel. We checked this theory again by preparing new plates and sure enough...my hands seemed cleaner BEFORE washing and drying them with a papertowel! (they were very much cleaner after washing and letting them air dry though)
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ya i ONLY check myself in the bathtub and lately i take 2-4 baths a day only place i can get a break from hurting back and kness!
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