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Needing some labor vibes

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Yesterday at my 38 week mw appt my blood pressure was high again. I usually run nice and low but its going up each week. And I have swelling and protein going on as well. With DD it started creeping up and getting very high about 37/38 weeks. We were able to naturally induce with stripping membranes and things before it was too high. Then with DS everything was fine. Now it is going up and up again. It was up over 20 pts on the bottom from 2 weeks ago. So MW and I decided it was time to get things rolling again. She stripped me yesterday and I have had lots of contractions and lots of mucous and blood but nothing prominent yet. She wants me to come and get my BP done and be stripped again tomorrow afternoon if nothing happens, but my doula will be gone all day tomorrow....... I really don't want BP to become a huge issue so this baby just needs to come out now! Today preferably! I was feeling ready before all of this so I don't think it will take much work. DD and DS were both well before my due date. When DH gets home I am going to make him take me walking. I guess I just need some positive labor vibes from my DDC
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sending as much as I can. I understand where you are at. My other 2 were way before their due dates and its really hard to be in this position. I hope your BP settles down and that your baby gets moving. Take care!And will be hoping for the best.
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Oooh, good luck! I'm sending lowered blood pressure vibes your way! Do you have a birthing ball? Maybe bopping around on that will progress things a bit. Or take a long walk? In any case, happy healthy birthing vibes!!
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Sending you to soon have your new in arms!
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Sending many positive labor vibes your way.
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