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Pregnancy related nausea in 3rd trimester?

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I've had 2 pretty severe bouts of nausea in the last week - ended up throwing up. They both happened in the middle of the night and woke me up. The first time it happened I felt fine the next day. It happened again last night and I'm still feeling really nauseous. Is nausea in the third trimester a 'common' thing?? It has been accompanied by bad heartburn as well.
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With my daughter, the only time i threw up was late second and early third trimester. Usually I could tie it back to something I ate that day- usually a fried food (which seemed SO delicious at the time!) Anything heavy or too acidic would make me feel sick, but it wouldn't kick in until late in the night. Those were the only times I threw up the whole pregnancy. Usually once it came up I felt fine after, but other times I'd feel gross for the rest of the day.

With this kiddo, I haven't gotten sick yet <knock on wood> but I've had a few close calls. No clue why, but I've consistently been feeling nauseous around 4 pm. And here I am, late 2nd early 3rd tri again. Just the way my body does things, I guess!
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My dear, that's acid reflux! I am actually taking Zantac for mine, as prescribed and OMG do I feel better! It's not your regular heartburn, see - it's rather different and you really want it to stop because actually, you can aspirate on what comes up if you don't wake in time (which actually almost happened to me) and contract things like pneumonia - no lie! I lived with this for several weeks before finally telling my doc I'd had rather enough of the "heartburn" - well, since I've been on Zantac it's just 100% better. Really.

I know, it's miserable. Regular Tums won't touch it - milk seemed to help me slightly in the night, but it didn't stop the sickness, which was miserable. So my rec is perhaps to take Zantac twice a day. It's okay to take in pregnancy and will allow you to actually sleep, which is rather important when making a baby!!!

*HUGE hugs* XXX
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I don't know if it is common. I haven't experienced 3rd trimester nausea myself but my mother had ms really bad when she was carrying all of us. She said she was having severe ms to the day she delivered my eldest brother.


I am sorry, I am DDC crashing. I just saw this post on the "New Post" board.
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I have been having lots of nausea, but it is totally unrelated to heartburn. My OB does not get that and perscribed acid reflux meds. I have been having the nausea from the beginning. Good thing is that I have a strong stomach, so it is rare that I lose it all together.
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I still have morning sickness - at 32 weeks. My nausea seems to be related to when I'm hungry.
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Still ms here...although for me it's either in the morning or around midnight that I get sick. I finally got zofran from my mw after dealing with it so long. But if it keeps you from resting I would talk to my care provider to get something to help.
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With my daughter I threw up a lot more in the 2nd and 3rd trimester and it was from acid reflux. Watching what I ate (i.e., no tomatoes), not eating or drinking too much before bed, sleeping propped up, and eating a pickel when I started to feel bad (during the day) is what helped me.
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dp is still nauseous but i attribute that to her diagnosis of hg rather than reflux - in fact she hasn't been bothered by heartburn at all this pregnancy. she is still taking 1/2 pill of zofran every morning.

lately our babe has been positioning himself whereby he causes her pain...guess he's starting to run out of room. that can also make her nauseous.

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I stopped throwing up just a few weeks ago at 26 weeks. Before that it was rough...for 21 weeks nonstop. This morning I woke up early and really hungry! (I had two big meals yesterday rather than my typical snacking/small meals throughout the day). I ended up throwing up stomach acid and dry heaving (yuck, TMI, sorry). Later today I've had some acid reflux, particularly on an empty stomach...so maybe related to the nausea this morning. TUMS does not help, and I really feel it just in my throat, so pain or burning in the chest area. Started several weeks ago, but I thought it was the result of all the throwing up.
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I threw up two nights last week, too. Definitely nausea...I don't think it was acid reflux for me as I haven't had any discomfort or heartburn. I wasn't nauseous with DD1 at all...so it's new to me, too.

Here's to hoping we all stop throwing up (until labor, of course, ha)
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Gosh I hope NONE of you have it as badly as I did! I LOVE being pregnant and obviously this is a very, very special baby and pregnancy and I am of course a little paranoid sometimes - but on the whole completely grateful! BUT gosh...that reflux was just horrendous. I did try and just take one Zantac a day a couple of days ago and felt so terrible that I guess I'm back up to two. *sigh* never mind ey!

Altogether this pregnancy has been a bit more uncomfy than the last lately - I think it's because of the great big doses of relaxin I've been umm...relaxin' in! My hips have just totally come apart, I waddle and feel totally unhinged in the pelvic department *guffaw*
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Thanks for sharing your experiences and wisdom, everyone! I haven't had it again (knock on wood) but I've been trying to be careful with what I eat during the day and I've also had a large glass of water with a capful of apple cider vinegar in the evenings...I'm still getting heartburn but not as bad in the evenings. I'm hoping it is diet related and I can keep a handle on it!!
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I woke up this morning pouring in sweat and had to throw up. But I didn't have any food in my stomach so it was really weird, like I was throwing up nothing. Sorry for the visual! TMI! It was so bizarre. I've felt fine for the rest of the day except a little more exhausted than usual.
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So much for my last post. Threw up again this weekend. Ugh. I REALLY hate throwing up!!! My nausea tends to be worse on an empty stomach and when I overheat. My GDD test came back a 72...and that after a challenge. I have always run on the low side of normal and I think in pregnancy I am having a lot of low blood sugar when I don't snack enough throughout the day, hence the nausea.
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I have it, and it's not related to reflux for me, although i do get nauseous from that also. (it a different feeling)
pregnancy is fun!
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