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Baby Xander

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Baby came this morning at 8:00am via an unexpected breech delivery after 10 hours of intense and almost unbearable labor. Xander Josiah, 8lb 4oz. I am so in love and feeling great other than all of the bleeding. I am still on my birth high! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. Even though it was amazingly scary, everything worked out exactly as it was suppose to and we are so grateful!!! We were 42w2d...I was technically due Oct. 21st but ended up with a beautiful November baby on the first morning of frost for the season!!!!
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congratulations on your HUGE breech baby! Way to go, mama!
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Wow! Congrats on your baby boy!
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Oh wow, did he come out butt first and everything??? Congratulations!!!
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Wow big congrats Mama!
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Congratulations!! And hooray for a vaginal breech--those are hard to come by these days!
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Rest well, you deserve it! Happy Babymooning
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Wow, that would have been a surprise! Breech! Welcome baby! Congratulations
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That is amazing! Guess that's why he stayed in for so long. Congratulations!
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So glad everything turned out so well! Congrats!
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Wowee, congratulations!!
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Yay for you! Congrats!!
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Many congrats!!!
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Thanks so much mamas! He presented scrotum first and came out butt first with his folded feet to follow. I am so glad and thankful I didn't know he was breech. I would never have been able to do it, I don't think. But it is nice to say that I was able and successfully had the homebirth I desired so deeply! We are off to try some more sleep tonight!!!
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Congratulations on your baby boy's birth! I'm glad it all turned out well with the surprise breech. Rest well!
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Wow...so many inspiring stories! What strong mamas we have in this DDC...it makes me very proud. Well done! And welcome to the world, baby Xander!
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Amazing story, mama. Congratulations!!!
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