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to the new mamas: is anyone else hormonal?

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I am a basket case. I cry over EVERYTHING. I can't stand myself. I know it is just how it is- the post-partum hormones that I am sure alot of us are dealing with. My eyes are burning and welling up just thinking about how hormonal I am!!! Every little thing is sending me into a tizzy. I have not had a moment of peace and quiet since I got home- but I have decided it is OK for me to go into our bedroom and hibernate with the baby for a while and DH can tend to DD. Everything is grating on my nerves- the noise that the dishwasher makes, my MIL calling, the smell of my bleeding, DD's temper tantrums, the annoying songs on her shows... luckily DS is awesome and I want to gobble him up. He is so awesome!!

Just wondering if you all are going through this same crapola.
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Not a new mama again quite yet, but that sounds about right. I was anxious and teary and completely flipping out over every little thing when DD was a newborn.
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heck yeah. I cried my way through yesterday. Sad to not be preg anymore, happy baby is here, sad that my 14-month-old's babyhood is over (he got SOOO big overnight!), mad that my MIL is being a flake... I just cried all day. It's been better since my milk came in but I'm still a little shakey.
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YES. I have cried uncontrollably both evenings postpartum... I took a short walk through the house last night and after seeing the birth pool that was still blown up in the kitchen I broke down in hysterics sobbing about how fast it happened and that I wasn't pregnant anymore and just sobbing for reasons I don't know. I don't remember it being like this after my DS's birth but that could have had something to do with the labor drugs with that birth interfering. I've also been irritable and sad that my 26 month old wants nothing to do with me or the baby because I'm pretty sure he's ticked off at the whole situation.
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I'm still pregnant but I remember being like that with DD. Of course it didn't help that DD's latch was terrible and MIL came over drunk ....

Wishing you happiness and that the hormones back off. This will pass!
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Well, things seem to be getting a bit better for me. My mom came for the weekend (she just left) and that allowed me to keep nursing DS- I had such difficulty BFing DD that I was panicking that I would have the same issues again. I am having a hard time with one thing in particular: not having DS with me every second. Like, I miss having him in my belly, so if I put him in the basinette so I can cook dinner or wash dishes, I immediately miss him. I wear him alot, but not when I am doing anything that involves heat like cooking.

BFing is not going as well as I had hoped. I mean, it was good at the beginning, he has a good latch, but suddenly my breasts are soooo sore. DS is doing this chomping thing. My boobs are bleeding. I have resorted to using a shield for a day or 2 to let things heal a little... otherwise the boy wouldn't be able to eat because I can't take the pain. We are hitting a LLL meeting next week and hopefully I can get to the LC tomorrow at some point. I am clenching my teeth just thinking about having him latch onto my sore, scabby boob. <shudder>

I am so glad my mom left. She was making me nuts, as helpful as she was. DH is off the next 2 days- that will be sooooo nice.
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I'm there with a scabby boob, too. You'd think I wouldn't have this problem after two kids, but DD is so tiny (11 oz smaller than my next smallest) so somehow I perceive her as being more delicate and I let her get away with chomping the nipple into her mouth for 2 days just so she would eat. Her latch is better now, but my nips are shredded.
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