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Originally Posted by f&p'smama View Post
My babies were due March 31. By mid-December I was as big as a full-term singleton pregnancy. So I'd hear, "Christmas baby?" "No, twins in March." "Oh, you'll never make it that far! You're so big already!!!" I realize it was strangers making conversation, they didn't really care when my babies were born and weren't thinking that what they were actually saying was that I'd have preemies in the NICU, but it was totally irritating.
Yep, right there! I'm due Mar 5 and I'm beginning to look full-term. Last night I was at Dream Dinners with friends and the woman commented that I must be making meals for my baby's arrival. Everyone thinks I'm ready to pop.

And, because I'm small to begin with (5'3" 100 lbs), everyone seems to think I can't carry the twins to term. So, it upsets me greatly, much the same as you're saying. And, the bedrest comment! ARGH! I don't want to be on bedrest. There's no indication I will be. It just makes me wonder, are that many twin mommies put on bedrest that they consider it the norm?

And I feel for you attached2mason. Many of my friends have gone through IVF. But I don't have twins in my family either so I can't even say that. I just don't want them to assume IVF (because, yes, sadly there is a stigma).

I just can't stand that people can be so rude. Yes, I'm huge. Okay, got it.
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Originally Posted by f&p'smama View Post
Oh I used to say the same thing -- my kids can hear you! They do speak English! Having a boy after twin girls, all I would hear every time I left the house was, "You FINALLY got your boy!" As if all I'd been doing was running all over town saying how I was hoping for a boy. I remember a cashier at the grocery store literally yelling this to me as we attempted to walk out the door.
I know I'm late on this one, but only get on here once in awhile! LOL

That drives me nuts too! When I was pg with The Duo I was out shopping with my older two boys (whom, btw, I also get the "You have TWO sets of twins?" as my 4yr old is the same size as my 5yr old). The cashier said "Oh, I guess you hope this one is a girl!" I said that I already had my girl - she was in school. Then I got the 'wow! 4 kids!! you're brave!" comment. I said 'actually 5, these are twins" and got the silent "you're insane' look.

I agree with whoever said 'they are jealous'! LOL
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This thread has made me feel so much better! We just found out we are expecting twins and I swear I looked pregnant the second the sperm hit the eggs!

We are so excited - the stupid comments people make will most likey get to me after a while - I am waiting for the fear to pass... Right now I am having some spotting and am all to aware of all the things that can go wrong.

If I get put on bed rest - than - I would rather be on bed rest than putting my babies in danger

I agree with the jealousy comments - I know I have always wanted twins. As far as them being 'natural' or not - I have gotten that question from my family and it shocked me!
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Originally Posted by nummies View Post

Oh and I get "Do twins run in your family?" All. the. time. I just say "Nope, just lucky, I guess!" I find that when I am upbeat and positive about having the babies, the comments about how much my life is going to suck decrease.
I get that EVERY tim e I see someone new. Our answer is always, "Well, they do now!" which seems to shut people up but still be on a positive note.

So sorry you're dealing with this, but do know that there are lots of us right there with you.
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humor/sarcasm , or things i wish i would have thought to say at the time

no i dont know what causes pregnancy, could you please help me out here?

yes twins run in my family, and all over the grandparents and up and down the stairs...

no these twins will be fake , were going to buy two of the baby alive dolls instead, i think itll be easier.. ( i hate the implied inferiority of ivf children inherent in that question)

no i dont think i can "handle it " but thanks for your confidence, could you please help me and call social services , now before theyre born ..

no its just one baby, but i have always wanted to eat like octomom...

no my belly has stayed the same size, the rest of me is slowly shrinking, you should see how small my toes are now !!

im hoping my hands will be full , cause you know i get so bored now with only 2-3-4 children...

the doctor said next week i might be big enough to go to school! on the yellow bus.

i know i cant wait for bedrest either, such an awesome chance to lay around in pain all afternoon in between 37 required daily trips to the bathroom , its going to be so great to let my kids run wild in the house for 2 months , unparented.

Youre sorry? why ? i think i have been blessed , and i am so excited to welcome these two new loving souls into my life, its a birth honey , not a funeral,i think you got your announcments mixed up

just a little levity .....
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Things have improved. Though as I get bigger it seems family members feel the need to comment on how size (5'2" and 100# not PG) is going to be a huge factor. Saying bedrest is imminent and I won't carry to term, I'm just too small, and this belly is too huge. I love my OB for being so reassuring!

Honestly, yes, I'd rather go on bedrest than have the babies harmed. But I like to stay positive and hope and pray that it won't happen. Bedrest would be no fun for anyone around here! It's hard enough that my capacity is extremely diminished! But add 40 lbs in 30 weeks and a large round belly and it'll diminish anyone's capacity, PG or not!

Strangers are SO much more positive than family members, oddly! I know when it comes down to it my family members wish us the best. But to talk to them you'd hardly think so. I'm due 3/5 and my MIL & FIL are going out of town for two weeks in January. They're driving 17 hrs because they might have to come back early if I go into labor. Gosh I hope these babies aren't born in January! Give me until at least Valentine's Day!
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absolutely , keep them bunnies baking till at least valentine's day

i have a pen friend in canada who is due the same date !!! with B/G twins , shes having a hard time though
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Originally Posted by Valerieg View Post
Strangers are SO much more positive than family members, oddly!
YES! I think my mother is secretly angry that I am not on bedrest. She started talking about how I would have to go on bedrest from the moment I told her I was having twins.
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I hear some really sweet, beautiful things as well, and am always shocked and so grateful when people tell me that they always wanted twins. I feel so lucky to have gotten my two girls, as I really thought we would only have two children total, and I feel so fortunate to have three. My DD1 was so challenging, that I honestly tell people that twins are not much harder than she was. I did get some insensitive stares and comments, but I guess I was just so happy with what I had ahead of me that I listened for the good, and not the bad. I know sometimes you can't avoid it, but just share your joy, and understand that for a lot of those people, twins really would have done them in. I can appreciate that a lot of people don't have a support system in their lives like I do, and they are just trying to figure out if they could do it.
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I'm pretty positive, in general, and I think people pick up on that. But I do like the comebacks directmommy!

Molliejo- I actually think my MIL secretly wishes that I'd go on bedrest. Yesterday we were talking about recliners (one for us, one for them) and told her that the one that they want is $1500. She thought DH was talking about carseats and said, "well, okay, I'll buy them but you can have the new ones and we'll take your old ones." It made me laugh.

I'm too AP for my family and keep my kids close. So, they've never really gone with my MIL & FIL for any length of time. I truly think she's hoping for bedrest so I don't have a choice or something. Even if I need her help, I don't want her driving around town with my kids, feeding them junk, and disrespecting their nap schedules, so carseats are out of the question. I'd much prefer to have her here where we don't stock sugar water drinks and sugary snacks.
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