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Yay elleystar!!!! Paleo/primal eating is awesome!!!!

I was weighed the other day at the doctors (pap ), and I had happened to have an intro appointment at the same office a month b/4 (I recently switched docs--not b/c I was sick--I've been healthy and feeling good for over a year Thank you TF!) Anyway, I weighed 4 pounds less than the last time on the same scale. I don't have a lot of weight to lose, I'm in the normal BMI for my height/age/gender (and was last month), but this stuff is just really evening me all out! (I've also been doing a lot of vinyasa flow yoga which I think has been part of this all as well.)

But it's amazing what those grains do to us!! And how awesome we can feel w/out them!!!
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I always knew that low carb was the only way I could eat and maintain my weight easily. But I never thought before that I might be to some degree grain intolerant. (As are most of us, more than likely.) I think this will be a permanent change in eating for me. It's kind of an eye opener. I would still love to have the occasional soaked oatmeal or wheat bread, so maybe later I can introduce that as a once a week treat or something.

Funny thing about it is that this is making me notice how my 19 month old eats. He's VERY primal, lol! Meat, meat, meat, some veggies, just a few fruits, and cheese. Baked goods, pasta, and the like, just forget it, he won't touch them. He'll only eat bread if it's the artisan stuff that I (used to) make, and only if fresh and still warm from the oven. So at most that was once a week that he'd be around and hungry when the bread was warm. And he likes one kind of muffin that I make on occasion, that's it. Good for him! I always used to think he was kind of odd and picky (compared to my friend's bread and sugar loving 20 mo) but now I'm changing my mind.
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Anyone have a primal alfredo sauce?

Also what's on your menu this week? Care to share..I'm looking for ideas~
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Oh, yes! I came across this recipe today and there is a link in it to her alfredo sauce recipe:

As far as menu...hmm. I made a huge pot of lamb stew that we've been eating on for three days, usually with a salad on the side. Homemade pizza tonight, with a regular crust for DH, and one with a cauliflower crust for me. Today I will also make beef bourguignon, which will sit in the fridge for tomorrow's supper plus another day of leftovers. (It's supposed to taste better the next day which is why I'm making it early.) I will eat that plain, and DH can have it over rice or pasta or whatever he wants.

Loving the stews here right now obviously. They're just easy, make for great leftovers, and please everybody!
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