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Had the baby :)

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Ugh, sorry for being so whiny yesterday--It's just one of those "can it please be about me just for one day" things about life with toddlers--"can y'all stop arguing for a few minutes" and a 10-going-on-16-YO "can you please not stomp off mad because I don't want to chatter in the middle of a hard contraction" things!

Did I mention that pg hormones make me a bit moody and crazy? The bouts of hysteria (laughing and crying at the same time uncontrollably for 15-30 minutes over nothing) I won't miss.

Anyway, we had a 2-hour babysitter delay so she got there about 20 minutes after my water broke and transition started, and I had the joy (again) of riding in the car in transition--at least I wasn't being loud this time though. I think she might be celibate for life after seeing me in that state .

Got to the birth center, complete with a rim, some decels until I got in a better position (squatting worked for us) and he perked up, and had him after about an hour of pushing in the tub--8 pounds 11 ounces at 11:14 on the day before his EDC, Dennis Oliver. I didn't do as well as I wanted to--I aspire to be one of those quiet controlled women who just breathes out baby while smiling--but I'm not . But then again, as the midwife said, I got the prize (baby) and he's doing great, so I did just fine. (So much nicer to have an affirming message from the birthing crew rather than yelling at me for making noise and leaving me alone in the room while pushing telling me they'd "be back when I was ready to work to get the baby out" as happened with my last hospital birth!).

That's about it. Oh, no one grabbed the camera so we didn't get pictures until an hour or two after birth. And I tore about an inch in the midline, same place as with #2 but not as bad. Came home about 4 a.m. Feel pretty good this morning, and the older kids can't wait for him to wake up and "play with them."

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Yeah!!! I hope all goes well for you.
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good luck!
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BIG HUGS!!!!!! I am so sorry you are not getting the support you need
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Oh big hugs for you mama!! I hope everything goes well and you end up finding more of the support you need.
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I didn't catch the original thread...but it looks like you can use some BIG hugs, so I'm sending lots of them...

Whatever's going on, I hope it's getting better...
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Just seeing this now, and sending a big .
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bumping to change again

and say I had the baby and to you all!
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Congratulations! Yay, the babies are coming fast and furious!
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Big Hugs and Congrats! So glad you had a better birth experiance as well.
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Congratulations! Sorry you got stuck in the car for transition (again). Glad it all worked out, though. Enjoy your new little one!
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Congrats! So glad you had a better experience this time! Welcome Dennis!
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You did it!!
Congrats to you on your baby's birth, snuggle lots with that new little one, you both deserve it!
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Congrats mama - our little ones have the same middle name - if mine
E-V-E-R decides to come out...
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Congratulations mama!! I'm glad you had a better birth experience this time. Enjoy your little one!!
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Congratulations!! I wasn't one of those silent smiling pushing woman either. In fact I think I was the very opposite of that. So glad you had a better experience this time though!
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Congrats mama!!!
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