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i always thought that a tongue tie was a super easy snip snip fix at the pedi's? hopefully someone else with more experience can chime in here...
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We saw an excellent ENT at Children's Hospital in Boston. PM if you'd like more info.

Wishing the best for your son and for your DS!
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How is his weight gain? My son (who's now 3) also has a short frenulum. After he was born, the LC recommended having it cut. The ped said to wait because they usually stretch. We didn't have it cut, and it has stretched some. He never had a problem nursing, it didn't cause me pain. If you are still having pain, and his weight gain isn't what it should be, I would consult an ENT.
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I recommend trying myofascial release/craniosacral therapy. It helped my cousins baby immensely with this. Worth a try before putting baby through a trauma!
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I highly recommend Kathy Moren at Healthy Babies, Happy Moms. She's an IBCLC, and has lots of experience with tongue ties. She'll know what to do, and if she can't do it herself, will help you get it done.
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I don't recommend the 'wait and see' approach. We did that with my son, who had a pretty severe tongue tie but had no issues with nursing. So we let it be. Finally at 3 we clipped it during his ear tube surgery because we thought it was interfering with his speech. Little did we know what damage we did by waiting. His speech was effected, as well as his ability to move his tongue. He had to learn how to move his tongue all around. He then ended up developing a tongue thrust and an open bite. More speech issues. We have had to put a device in his mouth to stop his tongue from thrusting forward, which has made speech even worse, and now that he has lost his two front teeth we have hopes they will come in straight. And we are still looking at a good few years of speech therapy.

I would rather the trauma at 3 months that the torture he has had due to his speech difficulties and his peers.
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I had another friend whose son's tongue always thrust forward, as you are describing. Our massage therapist, who uses multiple therapies including myofascial release completely remedied this over time, by releasing strains left over from birth.

Just FYI!
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I had tongue tie that was snipped when I was 5. It apparently didn't cause trouble nursing but I did have a pretty pronounced speech impediment that I remember being pretty embarrassing! My surgery was done by an oral surgeon- it was very quick and I had no pain afterward! HTH.
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If you want to drive to CT, Dr O'Callahan in Middletown, CT is the absolute best. I can get you contact info if you need it, but it'll take me time to figure out where my address book is.
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Sometimes tongue ties are hard to notice; there are some people more trained to notice them. I had really hard nursing problems with my 3rd child and it was due to a tongue tie in the back (harder to see). I was lucky to have a lactation consultant who specialized in them, and see someone who does cranio-sacral work that also specialized in them; after his tongue was clipped twice () he became an expert nurser.
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Originally Posted by Sage Green View Post
I just came back from the LC, she said because he can stick his tongue out fairly far past his lower gums, it's not causing problems and that they are only clipped if they can't be extended. I just don't know what to do. Maybe it's not the problem? Maybe I should just go to a specialist and ask for an evaluation?
She also discovered though that he has a very strong gag reflex, and that may be why he latches well but then pushes the breast out some instead of keeping a deep latch or pulls off a lot.
We have also been diagnosed with thrush now and are using APNO and gentian violet.
Are you within driving distance of Auburn, MA? I have a woman to refer you to who does amazing work with babies and children. Even if she wasn't able to help you directly, she would know what the best next step would be. Let me know.
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