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so sad about a superficial issue

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So, yesterday I was checking my belly out and was rather pleased with how it looked....until I looked a little closer... I now have very light stretch marks showing up on the underside of my belly. I am soooooooo freakin' bummed out!

The last pregnancy I made it through without a single solitary stretch mark appearing on my body. I was wondering how my extra 10 lbs of weight this time around would affect this, but so far, at week 39, none had popped up yet.

I can't even tell you how sad I feel. I had this plan to get my body back to my pre-marriage shape and this totally derails those plans. I guess the good thing is that they're the light stretch marks instead of the dark, really strong looking ones. I'm just afraid that if my baby doesn't come soon, that they'll get really dark and ugly and ruin my belly forever. As a little background, when I found out I was preg this time, I had just hired a personal trainer and was committed to losing my excess weight (about 15 lbs). It was a bummer then to realized that I'd need to put on 20 lbs for pregnancy. I wanted the baby, just not the weight gain, yk?

I was lucky after my first to lose all of my baby weight within 3 weeks and back to a flat tummy in no time. Afterward, I gained some of that weight back since my nursing hormones went haywire and I wasn't prepared for the onslaught of hunger I experienced. This time I am prepared and was planning on getting my body back ASAP.

I want my body back! We're planning on this being our last baby so I had visions of getting into the best shape of my life and then being a sexy mama for my hubby for the rest of our lives together. How can I do that with these ugly marks on my belly. I feel like I'm mourning what once was....

In consolation, dh said this morning that he didn't care about stretch marks and that he loves me anyway. I was still pouting so I said that he might one day. Then he poked his belly out (which is a stretch because he's thin) and said that one day I might care about his huge pot belly. He's my comic relief and I know in the grande scheme of things, this is small, but oh how I wanted my model body back.

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Stretch marks fade. Believe your hubby, I'm sure he thinks you are a super sexy mama and couldn't care less about a few tiny light marks.

I have stretch marks from when I was 18 and gained weight really fast. And they are the big, deep purple kind on my hips. They faded, dh still hooked up with me! He thinks I'm sexy. And the stretch marks I have aren't even from bearing his children...they were from eating too many donuts!!

Have you ever checked out theshapeofamother.com ? Women are always posting about how sad they are about getting stretch marks, but their dh/bf says he thinks they're sexy...and you look at the pics and they are hot mamas! We're always way harder on ourselves than other people are.
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PS When I got stretch marks, I got them EVERYWHERE! Boobs, hips, belly, thighs. They've all faded and the only ones that I can still see where I had them are the big ones on my hips. I know I had marks on my belly, but I can't see them anymore...they're so faded and they were smaller/thinner. The only way I can find them is by feeling the skin and can feel the little indent of them (where the skin is torn underneath).

I don't think you need to mourn your body, I think you will get back into the shape you want to be in.
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better on your belly than on your backside! which is where most of mine are. Thank goodness for skirted tankinis!

Iv'e also got a major one on one of my breasts that has a big ole varicose vein in it. ick.
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