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I'm so ready and jealous

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Okay so yesterday I started to have some decent contractions. Hoping today would be the day so far it's not looking like it. I know I'm only 38 wks but usually I've had my babies by now. My first was at 38 wks and my twins at 36 wks. I just planned on being done by now.

I'm so jealous two of the other pregnant women that I've seen at my last chiropractor appts have had their babies in the last 24 hrs. I so want to be next.

Sorry to complain.
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i want to be next too,
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I have been having breathe through contractions for about 2 and a half days now and they will be very regular and then dwindle off I am only 37 weeks and a few days and I have been ready for weeks now
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Me too. I am due the 12th (thurs) and even though my others were not early (10 days over and 3 days before) I had high hopes this one would be. I have had prodromal labor most days since 35 weeks. I have been very religious about EPO and RRL. I have been walking anywhere from 2-5 miles everyday (26 miles in the last 8 days!!) and getting prostaglandins.

I can't help but be jealous!! It is not fair! I have huge babies and really needed this one to come early, or at least not late, but I am afraid she will be late...
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I am now OVER 40 weeks and getting disgusted.
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Well I basically tried everything this weekend and nada. I guess this little one will come when he's ready and I just need to be patient. Funny how each of our children always have lessons for us.

I am gonna hold off one last shred of hope there is a tropical storm/hurricane predicted for Tuesday so maybe I might have some luck with that. You know the whole pressure thing can send you into labor.
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I am crazy jealous, too.
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