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When you're so tired you accidently put A&D on your toothbrush and brush your teeth BEFORE you have an inkling about why your tooth paste tastes funny.....

When your child shows you his "fingerpainting" on the bathroom wall.....

When all the keys to your DH's lap-top key board are missing.....and he WAS in a good mood before you had to tell him.

When you absolutely loved a song in High School and your child hears it for the first time and goes "Hey listen to this really cool NEW song I just heard!"

When your husband kisses you in the morning before he leaves for work, and you could so get all up into that and then you open your eyes and realize it's the dog.

When you try to put a size 6 diaper on a newborn and get them dressed and later relaize what you've done because the diaper is up to her chin. OR When you try to put a newborn diaper on a 18 mo old fatty and can't understand why the hell it won't fit.

When it's 7 am on Saturday and all 8 of your children want to get in your bed and you realize it could be worse....you could be old and alone and no one loves you.
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You wipe the spit up from your jeans with the edge of your tank-top and tuck it under, because it's too close to bedtime to change clothes yet again and there's not a cloth within reach.
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You wear pants all through the dead of summer because you no longer have time to shave your legs.

You realize you don't just have to breastfeed your baby. You also have to breastfeed dolls, various stuffed animals, and sometimes (when DD is particularly insistent) the cat.
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Originally Posted by amberskyfire View Post
You wear pants all through the dead of summer because you no longer have time to shave your legs.
You've decided that shaving is a lost cause because, let's face it, who are you trying to impress anyway? If you and DH magically have 15 minutes to yourself, he's not gonna complain about hair.
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When you get excited about the opportunity to go on a "date" and that "date" is an 11 PM child-free run to McDonalds for sundaes off the dollar menu. Might I mention that this date took place in late September, and it was the first time SINCE MEETING EACH OTHER (in March) that my bf and I had EVER been actually alone without ds.......
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OMG, I love this thread!

... when there is ALWAYS food in your hair. Usually noodles of some kind that have dried and are now crunchy and stuck like glue.
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When you reach into your pocket for your car keys, and come out with a kleenex, soother, teether and a small wooden block...but no keys!

When serving yourself dinner, you serve yourself half-again as much as you'd normally eat, just because you'd like (for once) not to still be hungry after your toddler has eaten his share off YOUR plate.
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You have completely lost your worry about looking like a fool in public, and willingly become a marching band anywhere, anytime.
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When you've seen every episode of icarly and you actually find yourself humming the songs when you're alone.

When you tell people that you've "got to go potty" and your child isn't even with you.

You have matchbox cars and markers in your purse.

You sign everything with sparkle pens because your children bring them home from school.

You know who Mr Noodle is.
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When you find yourself going back on all those things you promised yourself, pre-kid, that you would never do (drive a minivan, let the kids watch annoying cartoons, bribery, you name it...)

When you realize that most of your conversations with your spouse now include references to who has pooped recently and a description of what it looked like.

You realize that the last time you saw a movie in a theater was when you were just starting morning sickness with your first child.

When the kids both are in bed before 10 pm for once, and you find yourself and your spouse just sitting shell-shocked side by side on the couch, unsure of what to do with yourselves without a kid between you.
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awww done a lot of things mentioned here.

but now dd is 7 and mothering looks a lot different.

... when you realise your conversation with everyone around you includes a lot of explanations.

... when anyone says no you encourage them to give it just one try.

... when you go to a toystore and buy dd what she wants and you buy yourself a smurf and tell her she is NOT supposed to play with it.

... when you get excited about finding a particular book about a specific subject because you cant wait to have a conversation about it.

... when you can be seen smiling in the line - watching other children or other parents with children and you can so relate to teh scene in front of you.

... when you cant wait for march to come so you can go see alice in wonderland with dd and know just how much the both of us of will really enjoy the cinamatography.

... when you show a cool composure sweetness when inside a storm is blowing hard. mom j was flirting with me today but i put distance between us as i wasnt interested in him. sweetheart what does the word flirt mean? i dont know mom but its something that happens when someone likes the other person.

... when you no longer have to make up 75 verses to when you are happy and you know it song during a drive. instead you end up talking about something philosophical. why does the bad guy have to be killed? if he is killed then the person who kills him why isnt he punished.

i am loving life with a 7 year old and our conversations.
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...you find yourself reading to a stuffed bear and doll your child placed in your toddler placed in your arms and you don't know where she ran off to.

...you wake up more often by someone bouncing on top of you than an alarm.
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Originally Posted by momo7 View Post
When you're so tired you accidently put A&D on your toothbrush and brush your teeth BEFORE you have an inkling about why your tooth paste tastes funny.....

Oh my gosh lollll. Suddenly making me happy that I keep my A&D in the coffee table drawer.
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You seem to frequently find yourself holding someone else's hair back while they throw up...and you aren't in college anymore.

and in that same vein:

You now know that once you hear the words "Mommy, I don't feel so good," it's probably already too late to try to save the carpet by rushing them into the bathroom because the warning only precedes the vomit by about .6 seconds.

You have more food bits in the bottom of your purse than makeup. Actually, you probably have more of ANYTHING else in your purse than makeup. At this point in your life, it's a good day if you can manage to pull your hair back in a ponytail and slather on some lip balm.

Your purse is now 4 times bigger than it used to be and nothing in it actually belongs to YOU personally.
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At the very end of the day you realize you had your bra on backwards- no wonder it felt kinda funny. I wear sleep bras, so it's not as bad as it might seem.
Or your underwear on inside out.
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You make it all the way to work, and halfway through the day with two different shoes on.

You have absolutly no problem wiping a snotty nose with your bare hand, and then wiping it on your pants.

Your dinner consists of whatever your toddler DIDNT eat off his plate, EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.

You stick your nose 3 cm from your baby's butt to see if it needs to be wiped anymore.

You have caught vommit with your hands cupped together, and all you were worried about was spilling it on the rug.

For WOHM's, your nice quiet peaceful time is when you GET TO WORK. (But the best part of my day is asbolutly when I pick the boys up, and they take one look at me and get the biggest smile on their faces. )
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OMG! These are good...

...when you greet your co-workers with "Whaaaatcha doin'? instead of "Hello" because you enjoy watching Phineas and Ferb more than your kid does.

I can't get their theme song outta my head.
"There's 104 days of summer vacation and summer comes along just to end it..."

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Originally Posted by Barbie64g View Post
For WOHM's, your nice quiet peaceful time is when you GET TO WORK. (But the best part of my day is asbolutly when I pick the boys up, and they take one look at me and get the biggest smile on their faces. )
There's a stoplight near dd1's preschool and the playground is on a rise. The first time she saw me there and waved from school, my heart melted.

My best peaceful time, FWIW, is in the half hour or so I have at home after dh takes the kids and I finish getting ready for work. different than the peace and quiet really early in the morning, if I"m the first one up, because I never know when one of them will be up!
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Going grocery shopping ALONE seems like the best night out ever.
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For WOHM's, your nice quiet peaceful time is when you GET TO WORK.

...when you finally get to have a relaxed lunch with a friend on a Saturday, child-free and not worrying about getting back to work on time, but you're bummed that while you're doing this your partner is getting to tour the Mister Rogers Neighborhood of Make-Believe with your kid. (I was going to go! But the line was too long and I had to leave for lunch before we got inside!)

...when you go to the library and totally forget to investigate the adult section because there are so many fabulous picture books.

...when it's a huge luxury to be able to do your (weekly...) leg-shaving without having to swing those legs over your child's head while answering questions about how he could have come out of THERE and discouraging investigation.

...when you spend a lot of time racking your brain for details of your own childhood, not for enhanced self-understanding but so that you can answer your child's incessant demands for NEW stories about when you were his age.

...when you are huddled under the covers with a fever and there is a small person leaning against you and saying with deep contentment, "Ahh, what warmness!"

...when your adult conversation is peppered with quotes from children's books and analogies to classic "Sesame Street" episodes that you and your kid have been watching on DVD.

...when you look forward to doing your morning stretches to the tune of the 45rpm record of Muppets singing, "I look at you and sing a song about Up and Down!" even if your child is not awake yet.

...when you are so proud of yourself for actually making the bed, and then your child comes in and says, " Why are the blankets all pulled up to the top like that?!?"
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