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Originally Posted by oursonend View Post
Here is my chart if anyone is interested: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/281a8b Oing data is questionable (FF has never given me an O date)
And never will unless you start charting BBT... FF is for BBT charting, using it otherwise will not give you any results and only allow you to look at your CM to see if maybe theres a pattern but never actually confirm an actual O date (or if O even happens)

My best guess is the O date you put in is wrong and you actually Oed CD17 (mind you this is a guess based solely on your recorded CM as there is no way of telling otherwise) giving you a 10 day lp which may or may not be a problem, though it first of all depends on if you ACTUALLY have a 10 day LP or if you Oed before your EWCM showed up (not likely, but it happens)

If it is 10 days (you would have to chart temps for at least 2 months to have any clue for certain) I would suggest seeing a doctor as that borders on a LP defect. However, theres a really good chance, seeing as you dont temp, that it is NOT 10 days and all of this is for nothing. That said, I highly suggest you start temping to know for sure. Today is a great day to start seeing as you just started a new cycle.
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I am just a temping failure. I wake up to kids climbing on me and DH trying to talk to me and it's just so unpleasant that I gave up. I enjoy not being so clinical about TTC also...

For this cycle, yeah, I had a feeling when I looked at the June cycle (which was non-pregnant) because things happened at the same time... same CM patterns and so on.

It wouldn't surprise me if I O'd on CD 17 or before. The weekend right before I started recording stuff my mom, step-dad, and DH's dad were all staying in my house, and I had an instance of noticing a ton of EWCM and realized that we were waiting too long to try if that was happening already. SO we started trying as soon as they were all out of the house but I guess by then it was too late. So, there is probably another day of EWCM that wasn't recorded simply because I was busy with the crowd in my house and not checking then.

I hope it's not a LP defect. I conceived DD and DS in about 5 minutes, first try, so I am actually really surprised that we are having delays in conceiving. We were trying in the summer also and no luck. I'm 24 and no longer BFing, and healthy, so I didn't think anything would be different, you know?

I'm hoping for better luck this cycle. If I can find my thermometer I might try temping again... I don't have a lot of hope for it but maybe.
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oursonend, sorry to hear that AF showed up.

Here's for your next cycle. I have trouble with temping as my senior dogs wake me a lot in the middle of the night but I can still see a pattern, so I think it's worth trying again.

Oh, and you might want to join us in the new thread:
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