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I try not to as a general rule- but there are times that I have made a run to the other farm in my flannel pants.... My MIL has a pair of those footed pjs. Hers have snowflakes on them I think.... She tried to talk me into a pair. Ten years ago at university there were 2 extremes at early morning classes. pjs or looking like you were going bar hoping at 7:30 am. Very few of us wore just jeans and a shirt. Weird.
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No, never.
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Only once in a while to take out the trash or something.

I went to school a couple times in my pjs (the complete matching flannel set, I was dead sexy...one pair had frogs on them another coffee cups).
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Originally Posted by Viola View Post
Well, when I get dressed as soon as I get up, it's because I have my jeans hanging on the bed post, my bra nearby and there are shirts in the closet.

I only change if I fall asleep in my clothes... When that happens I wake up, put my jammies on and go about my day.
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No way, no how. I am not a jammies in public gal.
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Originally Posted by Peacemamalove View Post
no I do not! but check out these adult footed pj's snuggly and warm I guess:http://www.jumpinjammerz.com/navy/product-26-pajamas/
I have been looking for adult footies with a trapdoor for 8 years! You are my hero!!!!!
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now that the cold season is here... i cheat.

if i am going for a short trip and will be back in pjs i am too much of a sissy to put on cold clothes. so i keep my pjs on and put on some stuff over it and then come home and take them off. i have been doing this since i was in my teens. i have lovely cozy softee pjs. but definitely pjs.

i may run out to grab something in my pjs but never rake the leaves in my pjs.
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why yes, yes I do..
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pajamas = yoga pants and a t-shirt

I will wear "pajamas" to carpool, grab the newspaper -- and work out.
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To the bus stop around the corner, yes. Usually it is when I drive.
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My jammies are usually pajama pants and a t-shirt, which I throw on at night and in the am. My Mom wore the nightgown style, which as a kid, I found totally embarrassing for me to be seen with my Mom, in her big, comfy robe and nightgown.
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There are times that I have ran to the store in my jammie bottoms and a t-shirt. But there are days that if I have no school I will get up, shower and then put clean ones on.

On occasion I have gone to a class wearing them as well, but that is usually when I have worked on my homework so long that I had lost track of time and gonna be late otherwise. It is not uncommon to see that around campus though. I've seen a few kids come in with their hair in a ponytail or baseball cap with jammie bottoms and slippers. I always assumed that they had just rolled out of bed in their dorm room and ran to class.
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No. Not now. When I was in high school and college...sometimes. I wasn't the only one in the all night coffee place wearing flannel pj bottoms and a sweat shirt, though, so I think it's ok.

It's one of those things you can get away with at 18, but not at 36.

Oh God. I'm 18 TWICE.
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if I don't need to get out of the car like DD drive-thru or the bank drive-thru I will but not out in public places... though if I had the pj fleece pants that you pair with any shirt I might, course I'ld put on a bra first my pj's are matchy flannel sets and I think that would look silly out in public but some of those fleecey bottoms I've seen people in do look comfy and it's not like I'ld be going to the White House or anything, lol around here Walmart is about it
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oh and dd (almost 11) has started with the fleece pj bottoms wearing to school with a top.... doesn't bother me and it's ok with the school. Its pretty common to see the older school kids around here (middle school and up) wearing those fleece pj bottoms to school (mostly girls... can't say as I've ever seen a high school boy going to school in his fleece pj bottoms, lol) so the younger kids (dd and her friends) are starting to want to do it too. It's not an everyday thing... maybe once or twice a month. I'm of the "pick my battles" thinking so imo there could be worse
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I wore flannel pants and a tshirt (pajamas-ish) to a friend's house a few weeks ago late in the evening. I was going to her house for some tea and a good cry after a very, very horrible day. Pajamas seemed fitting.

I wear workout-type clothes around the house most of the day. I take my DD1 to school in these clothes. Some of the other moms are all dressed and makeup-ed and everything. Not me. I head straight to work out and do some housekeeping after drop-off. No point in getting all dressed up!!

I put on pjs as soon as I possibly can justify it most evenings.
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I'll run into the grocery store, drive my daughter to school, and go out in the yard in my jammies.

I'd consider it for a midnight showing of a movie . . . and my kids go to the movies in their pjs, if we go after 7:30 or so at night.

It always makes me smile when I see people out in their jammies -- I always think, good for them!

ETA: Did it all the time in college (I used to schedule myself early classes) and high school.
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I will go check the mail across the street in my jammies and very ocassionally drive somewhere where I don't have to get out of the car (drop off library books, drop some letters at the post office, pick some Chick-fil-A ), but that's about it.

The only people I ever really see out in public in their pajamas are high school and college age girls as well as babies and young children, although I'm seeing the former less and less. Seems like it was really trendy a few years back. I always got the impression that they were trying to make some kind of statement like they were too cool to get dressed as well as in their own weird little way trying to be kind of provocative.
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I have one pair of jammie pants that I wear around the house because they're comfy, that I have been known to go grocery shopping in. I don't actually wear them to bed though. I usually sleep in a Tshirt and undies. I have also once or twice driven to pick a kid up in my robe, when it's close to home and I don't have to get out of the vehicle.
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The only place I go in my jammies is the Mcdonalds drive thru for a sunday...man I love those things!

I have bought xl size boys footed pjs to wear and love them Much cheaper than the ones for grown ups!
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