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Should I pump or not? I did twice, just to relief some pressure but I feel like it just makes my boobs produce more milk!

So I am holding out on pumping for now.

How long does it last before my boob realize I dont need this much milk?
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I'm experiencing the same thing. I never got like this with my first. Everything I have read says if you NEED to pump, you can but on a very low setting, otherwise it will increase your supply and potentially make it worse. I am just holding on for that relief and using Arnica in the meantime. I feel your pain.
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You could always pump and freeze for later! It helps to have a backup supply jic.
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I always pumped just enough to relieve the pressure no more than that. Then I would try to get the lo to empty it/them the rest of the way. Leaving them so full can cause plugged ducts and breast infections so best to do something.
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I posted something similar in the breastfeeding forum but didn't get much of a response. I'm worried I'm teaching my breast the wrong message! But my left breast is hard as a rock when I wake up. Someone said they pumped for that problem for a few weeks and then things evened out.

I'm not sure, but it seems like that might be what's happening with me. I've gone the last two mornings without pumping (though still pretty full left breast). I was hard as a rock, but she was actually able to latch on, whereas in the past 3 weeks I was too engorged for her to even get her mouth around the nipple. So maybe things did even out on their own...but I don't know how my body would have picked up that message with the morning pumping I've been doing.

I'm interested to see if anyone really knows how to handle this.
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I've been expressing or letting my 1 year old nurse when I get engorged (if he wants to) - I didn't have a great stash last time around, since my son never really had bottles until 8 & 1/2 months when I had to supplement, so I want a better stash this time! Sometimes I express just enough so it's not rock hard anymore. So it will be anywhere from 1-4 oz.
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you can pump to give relief then let your baby finish. it also helps to wear a snug bra. it will regulate in time, but i would just watch for a plugged duct.
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