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pros/cons of the beco?

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I am thinking about getting one. I feel like dd is getting too big for the Moby. Do you think the Beco will get us through the toddler years? I don't want to have to purchase another carrier after this one. Aside from the cost, are there any drawbacks? Any carriers you'd recommend over the Beco? Thanks!
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The biggest pro of the Beco is also its biggest con in a way -- the safety harness that buckles your baby inside the carrier. For many people who are otherwise too uncomfortable with the idea of getting baby on their back by themselves, the safety harness is a godsend and enables them to do back carries by themselves without assistance. It also enables one person to pass baby and carrier off to another person without taking baby out.

But the safety harness always has to be used, and requires an additional step -- baby has to be buckled into the carrier each and every time. This is not bad at all in the younger months when baby pretty much stays put -- but getting into the toddler years when baby wants up-down-up-down all the time, it can get cumbersome.

So really, it's one of those "you pays your money and you takes your choice" situations. If you think you really need and/or want the safety harness and you're aware that the tradeoff is a bit more effort to get baby in and out, then go for it. If you want something a bit simpler but with more of a learning curve for back carries, then you might consider a different buckle carrier. There are lots of good brands out there, any one of which would last you from now until you're done babywearing.
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do you have to use the safety harness only when the child is on your back or in front too?
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The carrier can't be used without the safety harness -- so front or back, you always clip baby into the carrier and then put baby and carrier on as one unit, like you're putting on a backpack.

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Ditto everything Quirky said (and her shop is where I bought my Beco )

I think it's best for the smaller babies, but is still comfy with toddlers (my DS is 2.5 and could still fit) it's just the internal harness adds an extra step - and for that reason, we use the Ergo most of the time now.
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I had a beco 4th generation which is the old style that they had. I used to use it A LOT with my first child. It did not have the safety harness and it was really comfy... (i still have it and plan to use it with my babe).
since i loved my beco so much I purchased a beco butterfly 1 and i had found it so annoying to put baby into the safety harness and then wear her.. but then i watched this video on youtube and it is SOOOO easy to use now! I think i really love the butterfly cuz its so different.
Heres the videO:

Basically you wear the carrier itself and then put the baby in at the last step. If baby wants up and down a million times just keep the beco butterfly on and open and close the outside panel.
I hope this helps
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