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Celebrating weaning at 4 years!

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I just have to share that yesterday my daughter turned four, and we had our last nursing sessions, as we had agreed we would do. I feel so proud and also a bit sad! I can't imagine mothering without nursing- I've never been a not-nursing mama! My little girl is really grown up!

I knew you would all understand the emotions that *I* am feeling at this huge moment in our lives- many people dont even realise she's still been nursing over the last couple years so sharing my joy and sadness at the weaning would be seen as shocking I imagine!

Anyway, I just had to share here! What a journey breastfeeding has been! I can't wait for another baby someday to nurse again!!
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4 years, what a gift you gave her.
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Congratulations, mama!
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ds son and I talk about weaning and he says "when I am 4" I won't need the nana's anymore. he turns 4 in Jan. thanks for sharing your story.
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Congrats mama!
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Congratulations on giving your child such a great gift.

I think my 4.5 yr DD and I have weaned as well. We were down to every other night (she nursed just the once at bedtime since she was about 3 yrs). Not all of our reduction was childled, but was what had to be done for my sanity after having DS. She mostly hasn't asked for it over the last couple of weeks. One or two nights she'll bring it up and I will tell her that she can go to sleep fine without it as she has been doing for awhile now. She will sometimes tell me she misses it, but I tell her it is one of many things she has grown out of. She seems fine with this. It is bittersweet, but I am so ready to be done nursing her and am still nursing her 2 yr brother. I went about 3.5-4 yrs longer than I thought when I had her. Wow!

Again, congrats to you both for having reached this milestone.
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hoping to post the same thing in abt a month and a half!!!!
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Anthony turned 4 yesterday and we've talked that when he was 4, he would be a big boy and wouldn't need his "boobie" anymore--he's only nursed once in the morning for awhile. So far, so good. I'll miss nursing him, but now since I'm preggo w/ # 3, I don't want to be nursing 3.
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