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Thinking it's my turn...

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I'm thinking I'm in early labor. Contractions started last night around 5-6 pm and forced myself to go to bed like usual. I had them overnight, waking up a bit with each one, but mostly got rest. I got up this morning and they were still coming. My mom came to get the kids so I can get a little more rest. DH is at work. I have bloody show this morning so I'm pretty certain this is "it" (this was how I knew I was in labor both other kids) I wouldn't be surprised if I don't go into active labor until tonight, though. My body does this slllloooow and that's okay!

DH had the kids all weekend while I rested in bed to fight this cold off. I'm feeling a little better, still not 100%, but better.

Hopefully I'll be posting about a baby by tomorrow!
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Good luck!! Hopefully you'll be holding your little one by the end of the day. Get as much rest as you can and hopefully you'll be feeling better by then.
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Popping in to say, good luck Michelle!!
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good luck mama! I had a nasty cold when I had ds best thing I did was close my eyes and rest in the middle of each contraction well I forced myself to so I had the energy to push and energy when it came to transition! Now why wont my contractions pick up and give me a baby!
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Best to you, Michelle!
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Oooh! So excited for ya! Happy Birthing
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Good luck, I hope you can get some decent rest as well while your body is working.
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Good Luck! Hope you have a baby in arms very soon!
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I hope you can get some rest, and then have an easy labor!!
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Sloooooow going. Being patient. I'm still having contractions, but pretty far spaced. They are brutal when I have them, though. DH and I just had some uh, alone time, and dinner and are going for a short walk. Kids are with my mom but we need to make a decision soon about whether they are going to stay there for the night. I do think it will pick up when my body is ready... LOTS of bloody show today.
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This part is the hardest mamma, you can do it!
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Hope it goes well! Sounds like you'll be next!
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So exciting!!! Can't wait to hear your birth story!
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